Sassy, suave, and always planning for something, Genshin Impact Kaeya is an intriguing addition to the Knights of Favonius. Despite not being the strongest character, he can be an asset with the most appropriate weapons and artifacts. Our guide will help you find out what is best for him as well as his unknown facts.

Kaeya profile

1. Genshin Impact Kaeya background

Kaeya is a Knights of Favonius member and he does not fit in with the remaining members.

Rather than being outgoing, honest, and ambitious, the character just wants to take care of Mondstadt’s justice himself. Kaeya age is one of the information players want to know. And for the unknown, Kaeya is 22 years old, born on November 30, and is 6 feet 11 tall.

You can easily obtain this character by completing quests when the game starts.

Kaeya in Genshin Impact
Kaeya age, history, and more are revealed right here.

2. Are Kaeya and Diluc brothers in Genshin Impact?

Diluc and Kaeya, two of the most iconic names in Mondstadt, have a bitter relationship that makes everyone question if there’s any chance they are brothers.

The answer is yes, Kaeya and Diluc are actually brothers in Genshin Impact, although not biologically. Kaeya was adopted by Crepus Ragnvindr – Diluc’ father. The clan is famous for their richness and for being the owners of Mondstadt's Dawn Winery business.

Kaeya and Diluc
Are Kaeya and Diluc brothers in Genshin Impact? Yes, they are.

Before we dive into the best build for Genshin Impact Kaeya, let’s first take a look at his skills.

Kaeya talents (skills)

1. Normal attack: Ceremonial Bladewok

  • Normal Attack: performs up to five rapid strikes
  • Charge Attack: can consume a specific amount of Stamina and release 2 instant sword strikes.
  • Plunge Attack: plunge from mid-air and strike on below ground, destroying enemies on the path while AoE DMG upon impact.

2. Elemental Skill: Frostgnaw

Kaeya’s elemental skill can unleash a frigid blast that deals Cryo DMG to opponents in front of him.

Genshin Impact Kaeya Skill
Glacial Waltz

3. Elemental Burst: Glacial Waltz

Merging the frost in the air, he summons three icicles revolving around him. They will follow Kaeya everywhere and charge Cryo DMG on foes along their path until when they persist.

4. Passive Talents

  • Cold-Blooded Strike
  • Glacial Heart
  • Hidden Strength

5. Constellations

  • Excellent Blood
  • Never-Ending Performance
  • Dance of Frost
  • Frozen Kiss
  • Frostbiting Embrace
  • Glacial Whirlwind

Genshin Impact Kaeya build

1. Kaeya's est weapon

The Skyward Blade poses the best weapon choice for Kaeya. While he can acquire Skypiercing Might when using an elemental burst, the weapon will boost the attack and movement speed by 10%  as well as increases normal and charged attacks’ damage by 20% for 12 secs.

If you have trouble getting it, you can replace it with Skyrider Sword.

Kaeya best weapon Skyward Blade
Skyward Blade

2. Kaeya's best artifact

Players should use two items from each of the below artifact sets to boost their elemental and cryo burst damage.

  • Blizzard Strayer: x2 and you have a 15% bonus for cryo damage. x4 and the crit rate is boosted by 20% when aiming at a foe affected by cryo. The crit rate will increase by another 20% if the opponent is frozen.
  • Noblesse Oblige: x2 will increase the elemental burst damage by 20%, x4 and the elemental bursts shall enhance the attack of all party members by 20 percent for 12 secs.
Kaeya best artifact Blizzard Strayer
Blizzard Strayer is the best artifact set for this character.

3. Kaeya's best team build

Genshin Impact Kaeya will play a different role in each type of team. His kills have quite small cooldowns as he owns stable elemental up time. Meanwhile, his damage is not so high, hence elemental reactions and combos are needed to unleash a ton of damage.

For F-2-P friendly team

  • Damage/Combo: Kaeya
  • Support: Anemo Traveler (Lumine or Aether)
  • Damage: Xiangling
  • Heal: Barbara

For Premium team

  • Reaction: Kaeya
  • Damage: Diluc
  • Support: Venti
  • Support/Heal: Xiangling
Kaeya best team build Xiangling
Xiangling can make a supporting member of Kaeya's team.

Genshin Impact Kaeya quest

Apparently, Kaeya is present in a Genshin Impact quest called Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins. You need to find Kaeya at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters and talk to him to start the Secret Pirate Treasure questline.

Once you have gone around to gather testimonies, you will return to Kaeya to start the Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins quest.

All you need to do now is meet the informant and look for clues in Monstadt Windmill, Springvale Waterfall, and Falcon Coast.

Kaeya ascension materials

To fully ascend Kaeya, you would need to from 20,000 to 120,000 Mora with required levels range from 20 to 80. The ascension materials for Kaeya include:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver: gained as a reward for defeating Cryo Regisvine and Lupus Boreas.
  • Calla Lily: can either be farmed or found near water sources like beaches and rivers.
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia: dropped from the Treasure Hoarder.
  • Hoarfrost Core: can be obtained by defeating Lv. 30+ Cryo Regisvines.
  • Golden Raven Insignia: can also be dropped from the Treasure Hoarder, crafted with 3 x Silver Raven Insignia, or found in the Minlin area.

The higher rank a character owns, the more materials are in need.

Kaeya ascension materials
Kaeya ascension materials require five types of items.

That wraps up everything you need to know about Kaeya in Genshin Impact. Make sure to learn more with our guide on the games you like.

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