Xiangling is a 4-star Genshin Impact character who has been on trend for her practicality in the game. From Genshin Impact Xiangling best build, best weapons, to how to do her quest, our article will give you a full overview of everything you need to know.

Xiangling in Genshin Impact
The head chef is brewing storms among Genshin Impact players for her abilities.

Why should you get Xiangling in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Xiangling is the head chef at Liyue’s Wanmin Restaurant. She fancies making spicy dishes and usually experiments with exotic ingredients to come up with new surprising food. Although her use of dubious food items can sometimes result in not-so-pleasant results, the skills are what make the character desirable. Here’s why we should get Xiangling:

1. Makes enemies flinch

This character attacks with a strike flurry and can flinch the opponents, making them stop attacking temporarily. What’s more, as she attacks non-stop, she can work extremely well with items that boost auto-attack.

As she has one of the speediest attacks in Genshin Impact, you can pull off diverse combos as well as attack variations. Because of this, Xiangling owns high mobility and is amazing at evading.

Xiangling skills
Looking cute but her skills cannot be underestimated.

2. Powerful Burst and Elemental Skill

Both the Elemental Skill and Burst capabilities of Genshin Impact Xiangling are put out on the area and maintain there even when she has swapped out. This means she is ideal for provoking Pyro-regarded reactions.

Best Genshin Impact Xiangling build

While Xiangling suits the Support class the most, she can also be a powerful DPS fighter. That’s why we will have the best Xiangling support build in both categories.

1. Best weapons

The best weapons for Genshin Impact Xiangling are Skyward Spine and Crescent Pike. Details are as follows.

  • Pyro Burst Support:

Skyward Spine, boosts CRIT Rate by 8% and enhances Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Charged and Normal Attacks hit on enemies have a 50% opportunity to start a vacuum blade which deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. Every 2 seconds, this effect occurs no more than once.

You can alternatively use Prototype Starglitter, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, or Favonius Lance.

Skyward Spine Xiangling best weapon
Skyward Spine is one of the best weapons for Xiangling.
  • Physical DPS:

Crescent Pike, after you pick an Elemental Particle/Orb, Charged and Normal Attacks ooze a bonus 25% ATK DMG for 5 secs. You can replace it with Dragon Spear.

2. Best artifacts

  • Pyro Burst Support: Noblesse Oblige x 2, Crimson Witch of Flames x 2.

The substitute for this Xiangling support build is Gladiator's Finale x2, Crimson Witch of Flames x2, and Crimson Witch of Flames x 4.

  • Physical DPS: Pale Flame x 2, Bloodstained Chivalry x 2.
Xiangling Best Artifacts
Support her with the most suitable artifacts and you'll pose more chances to win.

Alternatively, you can use Gladiator's Finale x 2, Bloodstained Chivalry x 2.We also recommend you pair Xiangling up with an electro DPS character like Keqing so that the overload elemental reaction can be triggered.

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3. Best team

Xiangling is an A-level character with 4 stars and a mid-level Support role in the squad. Compared to Fischl, she is not used much when building teams. Having said that, if you know how to build her, especially combing her with a Fire elemental DPS, Xiangling can maximize her ability as well as create more special reactions that support the whole team when fighting.

One of the best team for Xiangling in Genshin Impact includes Xiangling, Bennett, Sucrose, and Rosaria.

Best Team For Xiangling
This is one example of the best team with Xiangling.

While Xiangling deals Physical Attacks or Pyro to opponents, Bennett will boost her attacks with buff and resonance from Burst. Meanwhile, Rosaria spreads Cryo which lets Pyro Xiangling handle Melt DMG. Last but not least, Sucrose is responsible for gathering enemies and buff the team to clear the enemies off faster.

How to get Xiangling Genshin Impact free

Despite not being the best fighter of the game, she is a decent company to have. It is also possible to obtain Genshin Impact Xiangling without a cost, making her worth fathomable.

Players will need to arrive at Adventure Rank 20 before getting her. At this level, they need to unlock the Spiral Abyss dungeon where they climb past much tougher floors to gather rewards.

The reward will be Xiangling on Floor 3, Chamber 3.

Xiangling 3
You can get Genshin Impact Xiangling for free.

In another way, you have a 2.2% chance to pull this character in the indefinite Wanderlust Invocation banner that also comprises 13 more 4-star fighters and 5 strong 5-star fighters.

Guide to Xiangling quest

Xiangling is part of a quest called Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip in Genshin Impact. In detail, it is the first act of Xiangling's Story Quest, the Trulla Chapter. To unlock this questline, players must have had The Outlander Who Caught the Wind completed as well as reached Adventure Rank 13.

During the act, you will meet a Liyue traveling chef - Xiangling, and assist her to collect ingredients for her popular dishes for a cookoff. There are six small quests in total:

  1. Little Chef on a Hunt
  2. Cooking Appointment
  3. Secret Ingredient
  4. Lucky Find
  5. Present from the Past
  6. Cooking Showdown

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