Before Inazuma officially launches on July 21st, Genshin Impact developers miHoYo recently introduced one final limited-time event. In the Never-Ending Battle, players have to face an endless onslaught of enemies. Upon defeating each wave, players will receive a specific number of scores. The higher the score, the better the rewards. Here's what you need to know about Genshin Impact Never-Ending Battle Event.

Genshin Impact Never Ending Battle Ingame
Enjoy the last event before the big update.

Never-Ending Battle Event Challenges

There's a total of 7 challenges in the Never-Ending Battle in Genshin Impact. A new challenge unlocks every day during the event, offering 3 separate rewards at the score milestones of 500, 1000, and 2000.

  • 500:  60 Primogems
  • 1000: 30 000 Mora
  • 2000:  3 Heroes Wit/Mystic Enhancement Ore, plus 30 000 Mora
Genshin Impact Never Ending Battle Reward
Play and win all sorts of rewards.

After selecting a specific challenge, players will see its location in the Golden Apple Archipelago. They then have to fast travel to the nearest waypoint in the vicinity of the location and clear a path towards the challenge beacon.

Challenge Difficulty

Upon reaching the red challenge beacon, players will have 3 difficulty options: Normal, Hard, and Expert. Like the Legend of the Vegabond Sword event, these difficulties also apply score multipliers. Normal mode offers the lowest points, and the Expert Difficulty offering the highest.

Genshin Impact Never Ending Battle Waves
Play Expert mode if you can for the maximum score boost!

Also, it's important to note that each challenge has a specific buff. You can check it above the difficulty setting. In order to play the Never-Ending Battle event, make sure to equip the Wind Blessed Harpastum ball. It allows you to destroy the multiple target disks that appear throughout the challenge.

Never-Ending Battle Event Gameplay Guide

Once the challenge starts, you will see a momentum bar at the top of the screen. The bar is divided into various segments, which display the number of combat buffs you have. To raise the bar, destroy the previously mentioned disc with the Harpastum and defeat Berserker enemies. They will appear from time to time in the challenge and can be identified by the special icon above their head.

Genshin Impact Never Ending Battle Momentum
Pay attention to the Momentum bar.

In terms of team composition, just build your team around the enemies you're fighting. However, it would help to bring Crowd Control characters like Venti, Kazuha, or Sucrose. Use their abilities to group up the enemies into a single area, and then switch to the main DPS for maximum AOE damage.

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