The Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact introduces a plethora of wonders now that the second act has gone on floors. A special secret is related to murals hidden all around the area as part of one sidequest named “The Other Side of Isle and Sea.”

We will walk you through everything you want to know from the Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin map to its quests and mural locations.

Genshin Impact
Take a look at our detailed Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin guide.

1. About Golden Apple Archipelago

Basically, Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited duration region in Genshin Impact. This region is created with multiple different islands. Also, this is where Klee gets the invitation from Dodo-King to partake in the ‘Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown’ quest.

In Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin murals, a brand-new Waverider system has been added.

Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin Map
How to unlock the quests and find the murals?

2. Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin all quests

First up in our Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin guide, take a quick look at the All World Quest list which shows all the quests found in Genshin Impact 1.6.'s Golden Apple Archipelago.

  • A Trip Through Fog and Wind
  • The Other Side of Isle and Sea
  • From Outer Lands
  • Who Wields the Wild Wind?
  • They Who Hear the Sea
  • The Winding Homeward Way

Here’s how to unlock the World Quest in this version of the game.

3. How to unlock Golden Apple Archipelago World Quest

To unlock Golden Apple Archipelago World Quest, players need to talk to NPCs first, then raise their Adventure rank and progress the story as shown in the game. Detailed guidelines are as followed:

Step 1. Talking To NPCs

While being out on the exploration, players may come across NPCs who own an exclamation mark on their heads. You must approach and converse with them to provoke the beginning of your World Quest.

Talk To Npc
Talking to NPCs is the very first step to unlock the World Quest at Golden Apple Archipelago.

Step 2. Raising The Adventure Rank

The next step to unlock Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin all quests is to raise your Adventure Rank. It will increase the world level, hence even open new regions. We recommend you do this as you might find new zones with NPCs you can talk to for quests.

Step 3. Progressing The Story

When players get past a specific point of the main plot, New World Quests may show up. Assure to keep the main story going, too!

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4. Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin mural locations

Once unlocked, players can access the Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin map along with the Serenitea Pot map and Teyvat map. As players zoom out, the titles of the four primary areas will show up: Pudding Isle, Twinning Isle, Broken Isle, and Minacious Isle respectively.

Meanwhile, mural locations are something else that players aspire to solve. Finding Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin murals is the requirement to unscramble The Other Side of Isle and Sea quest.

There are 5 mural locations for Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin Impact:

  • Minacious Isle
  • Broken Isle
  • Twinning Isle (south)
  • Twinning Isle (west)
  • Nameless Islet

Players will get “The Other Side of Isle and Sea” once they discover the first mural.  Afterward, Paimon will tell them to take a picture of the mural. Hence, they should make use of the regular picture mode instead of the Kamera gadget.

The photograph of that mural will be your quest item. Anyhow, to help you discover Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin Mural locations, here lies everything one needs to know.

Minacious Isle

This isle lies at the eastern part of the landmass on the left of the massive rock formation.

Minacious Isle
Minacious Isle

Broken Isle

Now, jump down from the fast travel location to the southwestern portion of the rock shaping. You will see a Painted Wall/Painted Ground minigame there.

Using “E”, throw that Harpastum gadget. As it is bouncing back to the direction of your character, left-click to smack it to the wall.

Broken Isle
Broken Isle

You will fight a number of mobs as the wall breaks. Now, the mural in the small cavern will be in your sight. This also belongs to the water pillar puzzle in the region of the Broken Isle.

Twinning Isle (south)

A mural also exists in the big landmass to the south of Twinning Isle. You just need to head down below to seek a humble passageway in between the rock formations.

Twinning Isle South
Twinning Isle (south)

Twinning Isle (west)

The next step is gliding from Twinning Isle to the west of the island. You will find a mural in the northern part of this zone, close to a beach.

Twinning Isle West
Twinning Isle (west)

Nameless Islet

The last destination of the Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin map for murals is Nameless Islet. This is also the furthest one as it is all the way at the northeastern tip of the Golden Apple Archipelago area.

Between 10 am to 2 pm, players need to sail from the Twinning Isle to a small mist-covered island.

From this island, just stick to the water currents and follow till you approach the Nameless Islet. For the unknown, the small island you are on happens to also feature an Echoing Conch.

Nameless Islet
Nameless Islet

As soon as you are done, head to the Knights of Favonius library located in Monstadt and talk to a researcher whose name is Sayid. He will speak to you about the fates of Inazuma-helmed seafarers.

And this is when you have found all murals in the Golden Apple Archipelago Genshin map and completed its “The Other Side of Isle and Sea” sidequest.

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