This June, Genshin Impact is releasing a new Beachside Ballad collection in Teyvat Style. Are you ready for the summer party on Teyvat beach and sing a summer song? Let's get started!

Genshin Impact Beachside Ballad Collection

The official teaser of the new outfit system in update 1.6 has been published a few hours ago. It brings players the final looks of two first summer outfits for two playable characters - Barbara and Jean.

Summertime Sparkle
Summertime Sparkle is a pretty navy-style dress of Barbara.
  • Barbara's new outfit is Summertime Sparkle. It will be available to obtain from event rewards. This pretty navy-style dress has two main colors: white and blue which are also the color of the summer sky and ocean. There is also a white-yellow striped knot and an adorable yellow duck-shaped bag.
Sea Breeze Dandelion
Sea Breeze Dandelion is a beautiful outfit of the playable character Jean.
  • Jean's new outfit is Sea Breeze Dandelion. You have been familiar with the formal style of this girl in the current version. But now, Jean will make your jaw drop with her new sexy look in this new outfit. White and ocean color are still the main concept of this collection. Besides, Sea Breeze Dandelion contains a charming blouse and a short.

These are the two first outfits for characters in Genshin Impact. From version 1.0 to 1.5, Genshin Impact characters have been wearing fixed outfits. Therefore, you cannot change the appearance of these characters. The Beachside Ballad collection will bring the game to a new era.

Genshin Impact Barbara And Jean
Barbara and Jean are two beautiful playable characters from Mondstadt.

The upcoming update is titled Midsummer Island Adventure. It will arrive tomorrow, June 9th, 2021. Then, you can check out all new events which will reward you with these two stunning outfits. Most of the new events and minigames will take place on Teyvat and Inazuma beaches and seas.

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