Have you found all 32 Echoing Conches throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago yet? Here are all Echoing Conches Genshin locations in Genshin Impact you can explore now. Let's start to find all Echoing Conches to get all Echoing Tales rewards.

What is Echoing Conch?

Echoing Conch is a special item that the tide and wave bring to the land. It's a shining shell that has an attractive blue appearance. You need to collect 32 echoing conches to get all the rewards from the Echoing Tales event, including the Summertime Sparkle outfit for Barbara.

Echoing Conch
Echoing Conch is a special item to exchange for the Summertime Sparkle outfit.

Besides, you also unlock 32 conch retrospections in these shells. These retrospection pieces will unveil many hidden stories of this archipelago which is a part of the Inazuma nation. This archipelago is also the first part of this new country that you can explore in the current update 1.6. Other parts will be unveiled in the following updates.

Summertime Sparkle Barbara Outfit
You need 24 shells to obtain this outfit.

Echoing Conches Genshin Map

Echoing Conch is only spawned in the Golden Apple Archipelago. In Echoing Conches Genshin day 1, only four small islands are unlocked after you unlock all four Teleport Waypoints. Besides, you also have four Waverider Waypoints to unlock and summon a Waverider to traverse the sea.

Use The Waverider
Use the Waverider to traverse throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Next, travelers will unlock the rest of the Golden Apple Archipelago in Echoing Conches Genshin day 2. After completing the story quest Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution, players can unlock the hidden land in this archipelago. It's an amazing and stunning land with a lot of large islands and spectacular rock mountains.

Most of these high-rise rock columns are full of enemies. Therefore, build the best team and equip the best weapons to clear them quickly. Moreover, players need to use Wave riders to travel between these islands and glide between mountain tops.

Echoing Conches Genshin All Locations

Here are all current Echoing Conches Genshin Impact locations. After day 2, you can get 28 out of 32 echoing conches in most of the islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago. There is one locked island that you can explore later. Check out all 28 Echoing Conches Genshin locations here to get the Summertime Sparkle outfit.

Day 1 Echoing Couches
5 Echoing Couches on day 1 are easily seen.

Chapter I: Songs of a Distant Home (5 shells)

There are five places to find Echoing Conches on day 1. In the new world Mysterious Islands: Journey To The Unknown, travelers, Klee, Barbara, and Jean go to an unknown island in the Golden Apple Archipelago. You find the first echoing couch here. Another one is on a small Isle in the west. Then,  travelers find three other ones scattered around Twinning Isle on day 2.

The Clan Of Song Scattered
Most of the shells in chapter 1 are on Twinning Isle.

Chapter II: Strangers in a Strange Boat (2 shells)

On day 2, travelers also go to this island to do the world quest Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution. After destroying three unknown facilities, the rest of the archipelago grows up and unveils hidden beaches and rocky mountains. 23 other shells also appear, including two shells of chapter 2: The Trapped and Where Duty Lies.

You can find the first shell on the eastmost isle between Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle. The other one is on the small isle lying between Twinning Isle and Broken Isle.

Two Paths Through The Lonely Forest
Two shells in chapter 2 are on unnamed islands.

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Chapter III: Unlucky Father (3 shells)

The Sudden Attack echoing conch is on the same unnamed isle Twinning Isle and Broken Isle. It's dropped near the water. Then, you go to the northwest of that island to get the Mysterious Savior inside a broken trap on the top of the south rock column. However, travelers have to defeat some enemies to get it.

Chapter 3
Here are three locations of three shells in chapter 3.

The echoing couch named A Father's Thoughts is in the middle mount. Travelers can get it quietly because there is no enemy around. But follow the mark on the minimap to find it in a high step of the center mount.

Chapter IV: My "Hero" (3 shells)

Two of the three echoing couches of Chapter 4 are on the central Isle where you find Maguu Kenki Boss. The last one is on the small Pudding Isle on day 1.

Chapter 4 Shells
Two shells in chapter 4 are on the central isles.

Chapter V: Grand Line (5 shells)

Four of them are scattered on the main islands and small isles of Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle on the east of the map. The last one lies far to the northwest of the archipelago. Moreover, players to find carefully because three of these shells are hidden deep in the caves or holes. Go to the location of the echoing couch marked on the minimap and explore suspicious caves.

Find Shells In Caves
Most of the shells in chapter 5 are hidden in caves and secret holes.

Chapter VII: Island Bygones (10 shells)

Chapter 7 has ten shells to seek. Two of them are on Broken Isle and Pudding Isle day 1. Eight other ones can be found on day 2 when four big islands appear. Travelers should ride the boat through all four big islands and get two shells on the big Twinning Isle, one shell in the big Broken Isle, another shell on the Pudding Isle, and three last ones on Minacious Isle. All of them are easily seen on the main islands.

Chapter 7 Shells
All the shells in chapter 7 are easily seen.

Chapter 6 is still unlocked. Therefore, you cannot find 4 last echoing couches.

Tips To Collect All Echoing Couches Quickly

  • To collect all shells rapidly, you need to use Teleport Waypoints to move between islands quickly.
  • Besides, don't forget to check all the small islands around the main isles.
  • Glide from a high mountain to surrounding mountains instead of spending time climbing.
  • Tap the speed up to make the Waverider boat move faster.
  • Don't combat if unnecessary.

Those are all Echoing Conches Genshin locations you need to know. Spend 30 minutes to explore the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact and get all 28 shells now. It's enough to obtain the Summertime Sparkle outfit.

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