Nameless Treasure is not an ordinary quest in Genshin Impact. The story won’t lead you there either will it show up in the Journal. While it is quite hard to look for, doing this secret quest is both rewarding and fun.

There are 3 Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact items in the game and players may already have them in their inventory. In case you are one of those who cannot remember where you obtained them, visit these locations again. Check out all Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact spots as well as how to sell them below!

All Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact

Where to find Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact

To find all Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact, you may collect two of them by doing main puzzles at Dunyu Ruins and Qingxu Pool. Completing the “And This Treasure Goes To...” quest at Lingju Pass will give you the last Nameless Treasure, making a total of three. After collecting 3 Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact, you can sell them by talking to a specific character in Liyue Harbor.

See the start-to-finish process below for more details. Take note that the order of going to these places does not matter.

1. Qingxu Pool

Required characters: a Geo

In case you have not got Noelle, Zhongli, or Ningguang yet, ensure to alter Traveler to the Geo Element. You may first reach a Statue of the Seven in the Liyue area.

The first step in finding all Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact is going to the spot like the picture below. You will see some stone buildings on the water-surrounded high rocks, and that’s where you have to find five Geo signs. Also, you need to use a Geo ability on them.

Take notice of all chest routes to find the Luxurious Chest which contains the Nameless Treasure.

Qingxu Pool
Qingxu Pool

Here are the five spots:

  • The stone platform’s edge in between two small pillars.
  • Under every stone building’s roof. In total, there are four of them and all seat to one another. Take caution that although others have the Geo symbol right beneath the roof, the symbol on the second tallest building is a floor lower.

As players have activated all of them, come back to the platform that locates in the middle. It’s the same location where they got one of the Geo symbols activated.

Now, there is one of the Luxurious Chest for you to open. Inside are the Nameless Treasure and other rewards!

2. Dunyu Ruins

Required characters: A Pyro and a Geo

Once you have both of them, go to the Dunyu Ruins in Liyue Harbor’s northwest. Afterward, you may see several blue Seelies in this zone. In case you are close to them, begin guiding them because you’ll need to complete it later on.

Dunyu Ruins
Dunyu Ruins

First and foremost, using a Pyro attack, you have to light four torches. You can find them in these places:

  • On the high stone pillar right beside the Geo pillar.
  • Next to the Geo pillar.
  • In the water.
  • The last one can be seen after you jump through the open square in the middle of the Dunyu ruin. As you turn your back to the lake, the torch on a staircase will be in your sight.
Dunyu Ruins Namless Treasure
Find the light torches to drain the water

Once you lit the torches, activate the Geo Element Node to begin draining the water. Afterward, find three spirits by going to the pool and then lead them to three spots. It will then lower the forcefield and you will be able to collect the chest that has the Nameless Treasure.

3. Lingju Pass

The last of all Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact is in Lingju Pass, locating in Liyue Harbor’s west side. Not similar to the other two, you can get this treasure by finishing a side quest named “And the Treasure Goes To…”.

Free Npc Or Alrani
Free NPC, or aka Alrani.

Players can unlock it by reaching the location as shown in the image, setting an NPC free. Beat the enemies to get to the chest and get a key to unlock the cage. As the NPC is freed, she will reward you with the spot of the last Nameless Treasure item. The Luxurious Chest buried under a huge golden tree and it contains what you’ve been looking for.

Lingju Pass Luxurious Chest
Lingju Pass Luxurious Chest

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Where to sell Nameless Treasures

As players have collected all items, Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact sell will be the next term to appear in their mind.

So they will need to return to Liyue Harbor once they have all Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact. Sell them to Linlang who stays on the left of the Jewelry store.

Sell Nameless Treasure
Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact sell

As Linlang is not there during daylight, players need to make sure they arrive there at night. She will give you 40 Primogems, 350 Adventure EXP, and 100k Mora.

Your Nameless Treasure hunt is done here!

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