One of the greatest attractions in Genshin Impact is the quest system. It has a lot of world quests with plenty of rewards. Nine Pillars Of Peace is a fruitful world quest in this game. Check out this guide on how to get nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact to know the locations, walkthrough, and quest rewards.

How To Get Nine Pillars Of Peace Genshin Impact?

To get Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact, you will start this world quest in Cuijue Slope, Liyue. It's the location of the Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact map. You can use the Teleport Waypoint near the Luhua Pool to get there quickly. Then, glide and head to the North to get to Cuijue Slope.

Cuijue Slope Genshin Impact
You need to head to Cuijue Slope in Liyue country to complete this mission.

The starting point of this mission is a column placed in a hole right in the center of the Cuijue Slope. You can find a stone column here. Other columns are located near this first column. Nine columns form a circle in barren plains in Cuijue Slope.

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Luhua Pool Teleport Min
You can use the Teleport Waypoint on the bank of Luhua Pool to get close to the location of this quest.

Nine Pillars Of Peace Walkthrough

You need to follow these steps to complete the world quest Nine Pillars Of Peace. Besides, you also need a proper party to get ready for combat when you need to fight off enemies.

  • Find Nine Pillars Of Peace

First of all, players need to collect more Geoculus to upgrade Geo Statues of Seven in Liyue to level 10. You do wish at the Geo Statues of Seven in Liyue to obtain all Stones of Remembrance. There are 9 stones of Remembrance.

Findnine Pillars Of Peace
Find Nine Pillars Of Peace and insert Stones of Remembrance.

All Geoculus locations are marked in the interactive map. You can access that map to located the Geoculus faster. Travelers need to use 130 Geoculuses to upgrade the Statues of Seven in Liyue to level 10. You can also invite friends to join the quest and help you complete it faster.

  • Collect Nine Pillars Of Peace Genshin Impact Chest Locked

Climb to the top of nine pillars and insert all Stones of Remembrance at these columns. After inserting the stones, you can summon some enemies or get exquisite chests. After opening the chests, you can get lots of rewards, including rare weapons and artifacts.

Defeat Enemies
You need to defeat enemies spawned under the columns.

Many chests are spawned with enemies. You can choose to defeat enemies or open those chests and flee away. Some enemies that will spawn at the bottom of nine pillars are Ruin Guards and Geovishap Hatchling.

  • Enter The Ruins

The Ruin in Genshin Impact will be unlocked after you unlock all nine pillars of peace. After unlocking the domain, you enter the Ruin to explore. You can find a Luxurious Chest, a Precious Chest, and a Royal Flora in the back of the ruin.

Nine Pillars Of Peace Ruin
Unlock and enter the Ruin after unlocking all Pillars of Peace.

Noblesse Oblige is a 5-star artifact for players to equip their characters. Especially, this artifact can buff the DMG of the Elemental Burst by 20%. It's a highly recommended artifact for many characters, such as Xingqiu, Xiangling, Mona, Bennett, Venti, Kaeya, and Amber.

Defeat Enemy In The Ruin
Defeat the enemy in the Ruin to collect chests.

You will encounter a Ruin Hunter when entering the Ruin. During the combat, the enemies will be buffed by the surrounding totems. Therefore, you need to destroy those totems to prevent them from being buffed, so you can clear them quickly.

Destroy Totems
Destroy totems in the Ruin to prevent the enemy from getting buffed.
  • Sell The Dull Ring

After exploring the Ruin, you can collect a Dull Ringin the treasure chest. Then, you can bring the Dull Ring to Liyue to sell to one of two NPC, including Linlang and Bolai.

Sell The Dull Ring
You can sell the Dull Ring to Bolai or Linlang.

If you choose to sell it to Linlang, you can find her at the antique shop in the North part of Liyue city. But you need to meet her at 9 p.m. in the game. You can use the north Teleport Waypoint to get there quickly.

Bolai Genshin Impact
You can also sell it to Bolai to get some 5-star dishes.

If you want to find Bolai to sell this item, find him at his shop near Liyue port. Bolai's shop is placed at a lower level of the Harbor docks. You need to glide to get there. Or else, you can keep it in your inventory as a souvenir if you don't want to sell it.

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Nine Pillars Of Peace Genshin Reward List

This world quest will reward players with a lot of rewards. Firstly, you can get 450 Adventure EXP and 50 Primogems when opening exquisite chests at Nine Pillars Of Peace and in the Ruin. Next, you can also earn many other attractive rewards when selling the Dull Ring to Linlang and Bolai.

Unlock Pillar Of Peace Reward
You will get lots of items from chests when unlocking nine Pillars of Peace.

If you sell the item to Linlang, she will pay you 200,000 Mora. If you sell it to Bolai, he will give you 180,000 Mora and five Adeptus' Temptations. Most Genshin Impact players choose Linlang to sell this item because we need a lot of Mora for many purposes in this game. Moreover, after completing this quest, you can also get the achievement of Scourge of the Battlefield.

Pillars Of Peace Chest Unlocked Min
You can find three chests with plenty of loots in the Ruin.

You can use Mora for many purposes, such as upgrading characters, enhancing weapons, buying recipes, etc. Adeptus' Temptation is a 5-star dish for ATK buff. You can cook it easily with four ingredients: ham, crab, shrimp meat, and matsutake.

This article has shown you how to get nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact and complete this world quest. Let's form a strong team with one or two 5-star DPS characters to clear enemies quickly.

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