Genshin Impact 1.6 will add some new interesting content, including the new boat travel. It's also one of the most features in this game. Here are all things you need to know about the Genshin Impact Waverider Boat and its related quests.

Genshin Impact Waverider Boat

Waverider Boat is a new feature in the upcoming GenShin Impact update 1.6 that will arrive on June 9th. Travelers will go to the Waverider Waypoint to summon a Waverider boat. Then, you can sail the boat and travel in the ocean.

Genshin Impact Waverider Boat Challenge
Waverider Boat is a new feature in the next update.

The Waverider Waypoint is located on the coast of Teyvat. Moreover, you sail alone or enjoy the journey with your friends on that boat in the Co-op mode. You will need this boat for many purposes.

Inazuma Nation
It comes with the new Inazuma archipelago.

Explore New Country

As the new Inazuma nation is an archipelago, you will need to use this boat to visit and explore this land. Travelers will also meet new materials and puzzles to unlock and obtain treasures. Therefore, new boat travel is one of the most awaited features in this upcoming update.

Explore New Country
You can sail the boat to explore the new country Inazuma.

Complete Game Quests

The Waverider skiff is also an important vehicle to do new Archon quests, World quests, and Story quests in later updates. When the new nation also comes, many new quests are unlocked. You will explore stunning islands in Inazuma with this boat and do in-game quests to get attractive rewards.

Sail The Boat
Travelers need to sail this boat to travel on the ocean and complete many World quests in Inazuma.

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Join Midsummer Island Adventure

Besides, you also need the boat to join and complete some in-game events, such as Midsummer Island Adventure. When completing the challenge, you will get a lot of gifts, including Primogems, Mora, Talent level-up materials, weapon ascension materials, mystic ores, EXP books, artifacts, blueprints, etc.

Summon The Waverider Boat
Summon the boat at the Waverider Waypoint on the Teyvat coast.

The first challenge is titled 'Main Cannon, Make Ready...Fire'. You need to ride the boat to reach the enemies' fortifications at the sea. Then, you will shoot the enemies on these towers with the cannon on the Waverider. It's very interesting.

Midsummer Island Adventure
Join Midsummer Island Adventure and get a lot of rewards.

Besides, you will have to leave the boat to fight and defeat enemies in more solid towers that you cannot destroy by the cannon. Don't get into the deadly whirlpool around the enemies' bases or you will be drowned with your boat.

Boat Race Genshin Impact
Win the boat race and collect all Wavesplitter Insignias.

The next challenge is a race named 'Whirlpool off to Starboard...Full Speed Ahead'. In the first part of the race, you will ride the boat along the drawn path. Next, leave the boat and glide through wind wings to reach the ending point. You should try to collect as many Wavesplitter Insignias during the race because it also affects the final score you get.

It's very easy to ride this boat. You can control it by dragging the joystick and shoot cannons by tapping cannon buttons. These are all leaks about Genshin Impact Waverider Boat in the upcoming update.

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