Genshin Impact 1.6 will bring back the 5-star character Klee in an early wish banner. This 5-star character will be a powerful DPS fighter in your team. Let's upgrade this character after obtaining her from the Klee Wish Event. Here are five ascension materials to ascend Klee.

#1. Agnidus Agates and Everflame Seeds

This is a necessary ascension material that all Pyro characters need. Agnidus Agates will be dropped by Pyro Regisvine or crafted. You can craft this material by using Azoth Dust and a crafting table. Or else, you can mine Agnidus chunks or defeat Primo Geovishap and Weekly Bosses to farm this material.

Pyro Regisvine
You have to defeat Pyro Regisvine to collect these ascension materials.

However, the only way to farm Everflame Seeds is by defeating Pyro Regisvine. Genshin Impact players need up to 46 Everflame Seeds to ascend Klee to level 90 after getting this character from Klee Wish Banner.

Genshin Impact Pyro Regisvine Location
This is the location of Pyro Regisvine in Teyvat.

#2. Philameno Mushrooms

Unlike Agnidus Agates and Everflame Seeds, Philameno Mushrooms are very easy to collect. You can farm this material in Mondstadt. This mushroom grows on house walls, rooftops, stairs, etc all over Mondstadt. You can find it in high-rise buildings in Mondstadt city or small houses in small villages on this land. Moreover, these mushrooms will respawn.

Philameno Mushrooms
You can collect Philameno Mushrooms all over Mondstadt.

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#3. Freedom Talent Books

You can farm Freedom Talent Books to level up Klee's talents. These talent books are available to farm in the Domain of Mastery: Frosted Altar. You will need a lot of Freedom books to level up this character to level 90.

Domain Of Mastery Frosted Altar
The domain of Mastery: Frosted Altar - the place to farm Freedom talent books.

#4. Sealed, Divining, and Forbidden Curse Scrolls

Genshin Impact travelers can obtain these ascension materials by defeating Samachurls. Moreover, high-level scrolls, such as Forbidden Curse Scrolls can be crafted. Or else, you can also buy it in Paimon's shop. However, the number of scrolls you can buy a week is limited.

#5. Mora and EXP Books

Travelers also need EXP books, such as Hero's Wits to level up this character. You will need a lot of Mora and EXP books to enhance Klee to level 90. Besides, the higher level she is, the more EXP books you need to use.

Genshin Impact Klee Min
You will need a lot of EXP books to level up Klee.

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