Genshin Impact has their way of astonishing fans and one of them is their constant updates. And as it is a gacha game, players can expect the same in the gameplay. For those unknown, there is an item the can help you use everything you have in the inventory. This device will transmute all eligible materials into useful ones and its name is Parametric Transformer.

From how to use Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact to how to get it, we will give you a full scoop of everything you want to know.

Genshin Impact
See how you can use Parametric Transformer to power up every item you want.

1. How to obtain Parametric Transformer Genshin

Players can get the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact once they complete the Tianqiu Treasure trail Quest.

Typically, NPC Lan assigns players to look on the Dunyu Ruins area for Treasure Chests. After getting that done, you will acquire the Parametric Transformer from one chest. You will not need to give Lan the Transformer as she will let you keep it.

Here’s how to complete the Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest:

  • Activate the quest by interacting with Lan, aka the Branch Master of the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor.
  • Beat the enemies to find a Treasure Map which marks the Dunyu Ruins. While it is quite easy to seek the treasure, you still need to look very closely.
  • Search for a strange note that has more clues.
  • With these clues, players will be able to discover three separate Treasure Chests (Exquisite Chests)
  • Return to Lan and converse with her once you have done searching for all three chests.

Note: Players must be above AR 31 in order to start the Tianqiu Treasure Trail World quest.

Parametric Transformer
Complete the Tianqiu Treasure trail Quest and you will have the best Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact.

And there you have finished the World Quest and the Parametric Transformer will arrive in your inventory. Now it’s time to see how to get this gadget to work.

2. How to use Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact

Although it is quite easy to use, the process does consist of some steps.

Step #1. Find a location to use Parametric Transformer

Players will need to utilize an elemental ability to start the transformation. That’s why they won’t want to try this at some random place. Different from other Genshin Impact gadgets, setting up your Parametric Transformer requires fewer restrictions around whereabouts. Mondstadt, Springvale, Qingce Village, or Liyue Harbor are ideal places for transmuting as monsters do not spawn there.

Find A Place To Use The Parametric Transformer
Find a suitable location to place the gadget.

Step #2. Spot the Parametric Transformer in the Inventory

The item is under the gadget category in your inventory. Just click on its icon -> place option and it will show up before you, ready to be interacted with.

Step 2
Look for it in the gadget section.

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Step #3. Pick the items you need transforming

The items’ value needs to be 150 so that the transformation can be carried out. The item value depends on its rarity and points gained with each level.

  • Epic items (purple background): 4 Points
  • Rare Items (blue background): 3 Points
  • Uncommon Items (green background): 2 Points
  • Common Items (gray background): 1 Point
Step 3
Choose the items

Berries, sweet flowers, and mint are decent options for transmutation. You can easily find three of them in Teyvat and sit on 300 berries at once solely to transmute.

Using Parametric Transformer is quite like playing gamble as it just does not work when you want to use a rarer ascension material or item unless you own a massive amount.

After selecting the desired items, choose “initiate transmutation” on the confirmation screen.

#4. Use Elemental skills

The next step of how to use Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact is making use of Elemental Skills to power the device. Once the gadget reaches 100 percent, the process of transmuting will be done.

Step 4
Use Elemental Skills to give the gadget some energy.

Every Elemental Skill offer about 5 to 6% to the energy meter of the Parametric Transformer. You can use characters with quick Elemental Skill cooldown times to complete the transition faster.

#5. Claim your Rewards

Players will be able to get 5 to 7 item bundles most of the time. The Parametric Transformer’s results are 100% random. Nevertheless, the best Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact is still the gadget that contributes big time to players' gameplay.

Transformation Complete
Who would want to search how to remove Parametric Transformer Genshin when it is this useful?

The rewards typically include these as following in combos:

  • Mora – Up to x20,000
  • Character EXP  - Adventurer’s Experience (x4) or Hero’s Wits (x2)
  • Character Ascensions (3-Star Rarity) - x1 Fragment of Agnidus Agate/ Shivada Jade/ Vajrada Amethyst/ Varunada Lazurite/Prithiva Topaz
  • Weapon Ascensions (3-Star Rarity) – x1 of Piece of Aerosiderite/ Lustrous Stone from Guyun/Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator/ Debris of Decarabian City/Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir
  • Weapon Enhancements – Fine Enhancement Ore (x9) or Mystic Enhancement Ore (x4)
  • Talent Level Ups (3-Star Rarity) – x1 of Guide to Freedom/ Guide to Prosperity/ Guide to Gold/Guide to Ballad/ Guide to Resistance/ Guide to Diligence

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