With the brand-new 1.6 update, Genshin Impact saw the introduction of a new item, Sea Ganoderma. It is an ascension material for the character Kaedehara Kazuha and is often found in a specific area. Players can also generally find these blue mushroom-like items near seashores.

From its use to all Sea Ganoderma locations, let us walk you through a full and easy guide that will help you collect this sought-after material.

Genshin Impact
Where can you find Sea Ganoderma?

About Sea Ganoderma

For those who haven’t known, Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact is among the many items players need to garner to make their characters stronger and more powerful. Used for Kazuha’s ascension, it is extremely essential for those who want to use the character in their party.

Sea Ganoderma is relatively seamless to seek in Golden Apple Archipelago. The light blue plants stay near water bodies. In most cases, you can see two to three nodes in one spot.

If you are aspiring to farm this item, you will need to leave the Teyvat shores. As mentioned earlier, the only spot to find these Sea Ganoderma is on the Golden Apple Archipelago’s islands. After finishing Midsummer Island Adventure’s Act 2, you can find in the following Sea Ganoderma locations Genshin Impact.

Sea Ganoderma Locations
Sea Ganoderma can be found near the water sources.

Guide to all Sea Ganoderma locations

In total, there are 57 Sea Ganodermas spreading across Genshin Impact’s Golden Apple Archipelago. You need 168 Sea Ganodermas in order to fully upgrade Kazuha. Similar to every other specialty in this action role-playing game, Sea Ganodermas take two days to respawn after getting collected.

In general, the larger clump of the plants can be found in the northern area. Although it possesses fewer markings on the maps, a majority of these nodes have plenty of clusters to harvest. Meanwhile, the southern area also has a good cluster. However, there present more nodes and they grow further away from one another.

Golden Apple Archipelago
Golden Apple Archipelago is where players can find all the Sea Ganoderma they want.

There are four Sea Ganoderma locations in Genshin Impact, equally located in two heads of the island.

  • Northern zone: Broken Isle, Twinning Isle, and close spots (Challenge Isle & Nameless Isle)
  • Southern zone: Minacious Isle, Pudding Isle, and close spots (Forcefield Isle & Shipwreck Isle)

You can take a look at the exact locations of them with the images below.

#1. Broken Isle

Broken Isle
Broken Isle

#2. Twinning Isle

Twinning Isle
Twinning Isle

#3. Pudding Isle

Pudding Isle
Pudding Isle

#4. Minacious Isle

Minacious Isle
Minacious Isle

The only issue you probably encounter is that some of these spots are quite far from the fast travel points. Hence, if you do not desire to grab all things on the map, you can totally focus on those that are near the teleporters.

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Sea Ganoderma locations interactive map

It can be a hassle to refer to the map for each Genshin Impact item. Therefore, gamers should take advantage of the game’s official interactive map. It brings about a specific location guide to every available resource.

Meanwhile, you can use Teyvat Interactive Map to seek all the Sea Ganoderma you need. Here is every step you should follow to make the best out of it.

1. Choose “Sea Ganorderma” on the left-side option panel in the section of "Golden Apple Archipelago".  You will find the exact spots of Sea Ganodermas across this map.

Teyvat Interactive Map
Use Teyvat Interactive Map if you want the process to be shorter.

2. You can also pin item whereabouts in the interactive map so as to sync with the map in the game. This will require you to sign in using your miHoYo account.

Afterward, you can navigate to the “My Pins” category of the interactive map, then add pins to your desired locations.

Sea Ganoderma tips

At the time being, Sea Ganoderma is only used by Kazuha as an ascension material. However, most likely, more future characters may also offer the same item for ascension. Different from the Golden Apple Archipelago, Sea Ganoderma will be available in Genshin Impact permanently which miHoYo has also confirmed.

Sea Ganoderma Locations 3
Collect these blue plants as quickly as possible to prepare for the release of Kazuha!

In the meantime, as it takes 168 of these plants to reach a single character’s Ascension 6, it is recommended that players begin farming and collecting early. Even though players do not have Kazuha right now, the chance is they can always pick him up later following the instant updates of the game.

Moreover, we have no idea if there would be any time gap between the releases. Players can pull the character from an upcoming banner, but if they do not start sooner, the opportunity to farm these materials can go away with the archipelago.

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