Genshin Impact players often prefer DPS and sub-DPS characters and underrate supporters. These characters are not preferred in this game but they are more powerful than you think. Check out who they are and try using these underrated but useful characters in Genshin Impact to know their true power.

#1. Barbara

Barbara is a Hydro character that many players often use at the beginning stage of the game. But then, a lot of players switch to other Hydro characters because they think Barbara is only a healer. However, keep in mind that Barbara's elemental skills and bursts can make a wet environment continually in the AoE. Then, she is very useful in elemental reactions when combining with Electro, Pyro, and Cryo characters.

Barbara is a Hydro character.

#2. Kaeya

The next powerful but underrated character in Genshin Impact is Kaeya - a Cryo swordsman. Many players think that he is not powerful. However, Kaeya is a useful supporter or DPS in a poor team. He has the highest ATK statistic among swordsmen in this game. Moreover, his elemental skill and burst can easily cause Superconduct and Frozen reactions to increase DMG to enemies.

Kaeya In Genshin Impact
Kaeya is a useful supporter or DPS in a poor team.

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#3. Keqing

Keqing is often ignored due to her low DMG in her normal attack. However, her ATK speed is very high. Therefore, she can approach enemies quickly to surprise them. It also helps her dodge enemy attacks perfectly to preserve the HP bar of this character. Besides, the elemental burst of Keqing can cause AoE Electro DMG. During the effective time of the elemental burst, Keqing is invisible and resistant to DMG. Regardless of whether you build her Physical DMG or Electro DMG, this character is very useful.

Genshin Impact Keqing
Keqing's ATK speed is very high.

#4. Xinyan

Xinyan's constellation is pretty complex. It makes a lot of players confused when building this character. But in fact, Xinyan is a versatile character that you can build in many ways. If you build her for the support role, Xinya will be a powerful supporter in your team. Or else, you can build her Physical DMG to make her a powerful DPS.

Genshin Impact Xinyan
Xinyan is a versatile character.

#5. Noelle

This is a free character that you can use when starting to play this game. Therefore, Noelle is one of the most underrated but useful characters in Genshin Impact. Noelle is one of the best choices for the support role in this game. She can both heal allies and buff the shield continually to protect the whole team from enemy attacks. Moreover, Noelle can become a strong DPS if you can activate her last constellation.

Genshin Impact Noelle
Noelle is one of the best choices for the support role.

#6. Traveler

Although the Traveler is the main character in Genshin Impact, he/she is still underrated. But do you know that Traveler is one of the most flexible characters? This character can switch between Geo and Anemo elements. Many leaks also reveal that the game developer may add the Electro element to this character. Moreover, this character is totally free.

Genshin Impact Traveler
Traveler is one of the most flexible characters.

#7. Qiqi

The last name in this list of underrated but useful characters is Qiqi, an adorable loli from Liyue. Although Qiqi is a 5-star character, many players will underrate this character due to her poor ATK ability. But now, Qiqi is more useful in current updates when healing ability is more important to players. You will have more powerful bosses and enemies to defeat. Therefore, having an effective healer helps you win more combat.

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