Building a powerful team/party is also the key to win and rank up quickly in Genshin Impact. Here are the top 5 free-to-play Genshin Impact teams in 2021.

#1. Pyro - Geo

After the latest Genshin Impact update, the Geo element got buffed. Then, it will be more powerful when combining with Pyro element to cause elemental resonance and the strongest DMG bonus while countering enemies. This team will do well in both offense and defense.

Genshin Impact Ningguang
Ningguang is the core member of this team.

The best character for this team is Ningguang who has both attack and defense abilities. She was available to exchange in the Starlingger shop in March and the Stand By Me event. Moreover, the chance to get this character from wish banners is also high.

Ningguang Chance To Get
You can get Ningguang from the Starlingger shop in March and the Stand By Me event.

Xiangling and Bennett are two ideal characters to team up with Ningguang. Bennett was also available to purchase in the Starlingger shop in the last update. The chance to get Xiangling from wish banners is also higher than other Pyro characters, such as Diluc or Xinyan in Genshin Impact.

Pyro And Geo Team
This is the recommended Pyro and Geo Team.

#2. Razor Supremacy

Razor is a 5-star character in disguise that you should recruit for your party. This wolf boy will do all heavy-lifting physical DMG. You should pair him with at least one Cryo character to take the advantage of Superconduct elemental reaction.

Genshin Impact Razor Build
Razor will do all heavy-lifting physical DMG.

Kaeya and Diona are the two suggestions for the Cyro position in this party. You can use 34 Starlinngers to buy Kaeya in the shop now. These Cryo characters will work well when combining with Razor without their bursts. Besides, Fischl is also an ideal member of this team because she will cause Electro resonance with Razor when summoning Oz.

Razor Team Genshin Impact
Pair him with at least one Cryo character.

#3. Powerful Counters

You should put these characters in the right order of countering: Bennett, Beidou, Fischl, and Xingqui. Firstly, let Bennett drop his burst before activating Beidou's burst. Then, switch to Fischl to use her elemental skills or elemental burst. Finally, activate Xingqui's burst. It's one of the best free-to-play Genshin Impact teams after the update in 2021.

Happycounter Team
The right order od this team should be Bennett, Beidou, Fischl, and Xingqui.

These elemental relations and resonances will cause fireworks consecutively. If you equip a Thundering Fury, the cooldown (CD) time for his elemental skill will decrease. It lets you do the next attack chain faster. If you don't have Beidou or Fischl for the Electro roles, you can replace one of them with Lisa built with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer catalyst.

You Can Use Lisa
You can use Lisa to replace Fischl.

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#4. Chef Skewer

Xiangling will be the supremacy of this free-to-play Genshin Impact team. Crescent Pike is the recommended weapon for her in this role. Electro and Cryo are the two best elements to include in this team. They will co-operate with Xiangling to cause Superconduct reactions on the enemies.

Xiangling Character
Xiangling with Crescent Pike.

Diona and Fischl are two recommended characters. You will have more chances to get them from current wish banners. The last ally slot should be Bennett or Xinyan. These two Pyro characters will contribute more burning damage.

Pair Her With Cryo And Electro
Pair her with Cryo and Electro characters.

#5. National Team

This one of the best free-to-play Genshin Impact teams includes fellow countrymen from Liyue, such as Xingqui, Xiangling, and Chongyun. Xiangling has a powerful elemental burst that is a Pyro Swirl. Melt and Vaporise elemental reactions caused when Xiangling combines with Xingqui and Chongyun will take a lot of HP from enemies. You can give the last slot in this team to Bennett to make elemental resonance.

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