The Golden Apple Archipelago has many hidden corners, secrets, and chests to farm Primogems, EXP, weapons, and artifacts. Here are all chest locations in this new area and a guide on how to unlock the treasure chest Genshin Impact.

How To Unlock The Treasure Chest Genshin Impact

To unlock the treasure chest Genshin Impact on Golden Apple Archipelago, travelers have to explore all corners they go through. There are many challenges you need to complete to collect the treasure.

  • Defeat enemies. Many chests are shielded and protected by enemies. You have to defeat them to remove the shield and open the chest.
Chest Route
You need to defeat enemies and solve some puzzles to unlock luxurious treasures.
  • Solve Puzzles. The new archipelago has many new puzzles, such as the musical puzzle and wing puzzle.
  • Complete Challenge: Travelers also need to complete some time-limited challenges to get the chests.
  • The locked chest in Twinning Isle needs a code to be unlocked. The unlock the treasure chest Genshin code is 5214.
Wing Puzzle
Complete challenges to remove the shield around the chests.

Genshin Impact Archipelago Chest Route

There are 135 chests scattered all around the Golden Apple Archipelago. You can find these chests on all the small and big islands in this archipelago. To farm all these chests, we should farm all chests on an island before moving to the other island.

#1. Pudding Isle

The first place to start to farm treasure chests in this archipelago is Pudding Isle. Teleport to this island by using the Teleport Waypoint. You can find 23 chests here.

  • Start from the main island which has the teleport waypoint. There are 7 chests on the main island. Four of them are in the mountain and three others are on the beach.
  • Jump down on the west side of the southern mountain, defeat enemies on the beach and unlock the chest.
  • From the Waverider Waypoint, summon a boat and ride it to the Southwest of the main island. Defeat all enemies in the Hilichurl base and obtain 2 chests on and under the base.
  • Continue to head to the Northwest and reach another base. Clear enemies and get a chest here.
Complete Challenges To Unlock Chest
You need to complete some challenges to unlock the treasure chest in Genshin Impact.
  • Return to the Waverider Waypoint. Then, head to the East and complete the shooting challenge on the East coast to get the 12th chest.
  • Next, ride to the South, clear enemies, and complete the wing puzzle to get 2 chests on this small island.
  • There is a mora chest challenge offshore this island.
  • After this challenge, you sail to the Northeast to obtain a chest in a rock cave.
  • Get to the nearby base in the Northwest to clear enemies and get rewards.
  • Solve the wing puzzle on the small strip of sand.
  • There are 2 other chests on the island near that sand strip.
Pudding Isle Chest Route Min
You can find more than 20 chests around the area of Pudding Isle.

#2. Twinning Isle

There are 33 chests on this big island. Unlike Pudding Island, Twinning Isle combines two big islands and 9 small islands around.

  • Let's start from the big north island which has the Teleport Waypoints. There are 9 chests on this island. From the experience in the Pudding Isle, hunt these chests on mountain cliffs and along the beach.
  • There are 8 chests on the other big island. Four of them are in the central area. You find 4 other chests around the big mountain.
Twinning Island Locked Chest
The code to unlock the treasure chest Genshin Twinning Isle is 5214.
  • Next, glide or swim to the nearby small island in the Southeast to unlock a luxurious chest. Enter the code 5214 to unlock this luxurious chest.
  • Besides, travelers find 3 chests on the small eastern island, a chest near the southeast Wayrider Waypoint, and 4 other chests on other islands on the east side of Twinning Isle.
  • Next, you summon a boat to head to the North of Twinning Isle. There are 4 chests on 3 islands in this area.
  • Pretty far offshore the Twinning Isle, there are two islands, one in the northeast and the other one is in the southeast. Sail to those islands to get 7 chests.
Locations Of Chests In Twinning Isles Min
There are a lot of chests scattered around the Twinning Isle.

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#3. Nameless Isle (West Of Twinning Isle)

After clearing the Twinning Isle, you go to the nameless Isle in the West. Then, explore this area, find out and unlock all 24 chests here.

  • Start with three main islands connected by bridges. These are three high vertical rock mountains with many ladders and rocks steps to climb up. You can find 12 chests here, including 5 chests in the northern mountain, 4 chests in the middle island, 2 others in the southern mountain, and the last one on the middle beach.
Ride The Boat
Ride the boat to get to the Nameless Isle in the West of
  • From the Teleport Waypoint, you sail to the East and Southeast to get 4 chests.
  • Next, you go around the shore of three main islands and collect 4 chests.
  • Then, sail farther to the northwest to find 2 other chests.

#4. Broken Isle

The chest route in the Broken Isle is much more simple than those of previous islands. It's because Broken Isle only has only 5 mountains: one biggest mountain in the center and four smaller ones on the four sides of this mountain.

  • There are 12 chests on the central mountains and around the mountain foot.
Solve The Puzzle
There are three luxurious chests in the Broken Isle.
  • Then, take a trip through 4 smaller mountains and unlock 12 chests on these mountains: 3 chests in the Northwest, 5 chests in the Northeast, 2 chests in the East, and 2 chests in the West.
  • Besides, you can find 2 chests on a tiny isle on the north shore of the main island and a chest on the south shore.
Broken Isle
Broken Isle has at least 25 chests.

#6. Minacious Isle

The Minacious Isle has a big island and some tiny isles around.

  • There are 18 chests on the main island. You need to clear enemies and complete challenges to unlock those chests.
  • Then, visit all seven tiny isles around the main island of Minacious to collect 10 other chests.
Minacious Isle
Minacious Isle has at least 28 chests.

Keep in mind that many normal chests will respawn. Therefore, you should always check the land you traverse through to unlock those chests.

Those are all the locations of 135 chests in the Golden Apple Archipelago and a guide on how to unlock the treasure chest Genshin Impact.

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