Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island Puzzle is one of the most challenging questions on the new island. Here is the full guide on how to solve these cube puzzles on Watatsumi Island that you should know.

There are ten rotating cube puzzles in total. Check out how to complete all of them below.

#1. Three Ruin Machine Puzzles

You can find 9 rotating electro cubes in the Ruin on Watatsumi island. There are three ways to solve this puzzle and get three treasures at maximum. To rotate the cube, you need to use the normal attacks with the polearm, sword, or claymore to interact with the cube.

Here are three solutions to this puzzle. Each solution gives you a treasure chest. The arrows indicate the direction the light should face. To reset the puzzle right away, players can quit the game and log in again.

Ruin Machine Puzzles
Three solutions to Ruin Machine Puzzles

#2. Bourou Village 3-Cube Puzzle

There is a 3-cube puzzle on the southern shore of Bourou Village. Players need to use the normal attack to interact with the cube to light up the Sakura flowers on the cube face like this. Then, you will be granted a common chest on the top of the left stone column.

Note: The numbers indicate the order of attacks you use to interact with the cube.

Bourou Village Puzzle
Bourou Village Puzzle

#3. Mouun Shrine Puzzle

In the North of the Statue of Seven in Mouun Shrine, players will find a 4-cube rotating puzzle. You also use the normal attacks to rotate these cubes according to the order of attacks marked in the picture below.

Mouun Shrine Puzzle
Mouun Shrine Puzzle guide

#4. Watatsumi 4-Cube Puzzle

You can find a 4-cube Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island puzzle on the western side of the outer ring. Interact with two of these four cubes in the right order. The number in the picture below indicates the order and number of attacks you should do. When you face the waterfall, attack the bottom left cube three times, and then the top left cube two times.

Watatsumi 4 Cube Puzzle
Answer to the Watatsumi 4-Cube Puzzle

#5. Watatsumi 5-Cube Puzzle

In the northern shore of the outer ring, players also find a 5-cube puzzle. However, these five cubes are located on different cliffs. Therefore, players need to move between those cliffs carefully.

Interact with the numbered cubes in the given order in the picture to solve this puzzle. Unlike other puzzles that reward players with chests, this puzzle gives players a grapple point to obtain the hidden Electroculus nearby.

Watatsumi 5 Cube Puzzle
Watatsumi 5-Cube Puzzle

#6. Watatsumi 3-Cube Puzzle

Players can find a 3-cube puzzle on the small island near the easternmost Teleport waypoint of Watatsumi Island. Contact two in three cubes in the order below to solve it.

Watatsumi 3 Cube Puzzle
Guide for Watatsumi 3-Cube Puzzle.

#7. Sangonomiya Shrine 4-Cube Puzzle

From the Statue of the Seven, you glide down to reach the location of Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island Puzzle under Sangonomiya Shrine. There are four electro cubes, one of which is blocked inside an Electro-Bubble shield. However, you don't need to interact with the blocked one. Only contact three other blocks to solve the puzzle.

Sangonomiya Shrine 4 Cube Puzzle
Answer to Sangonomiya Shrine 4 Cube Puzzle

#8. Sangonomiya Shrine 5-Cube Puzzle

The last Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island Puzzle can also be found in the Sangonomiya Shrine area. You need to do nine Normal attacks with melee weapons to rotate those blocks. The puzzle is under the waterfall on the East of the inner ring.

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