Maguu Kenki Genshin Impact is the new permanent boss added in the 1.6 update. Although it is not a World Boss, Maguu Kenki does make a formidable challenge. It not only changes its form in the battle but also summons extra mini-bosses with different elements. So what is Maguu Kenki weakness and how can we carry out this boss fight?

How do you unlock Maguu Kenki?

Maguu Kenki is a normal boss mastering AoE and close-range attacks. You would first see it in the Midsummer Island Adventure Act III quest.

You can find Maguu Kenki on the central island in the Golden Apple archipelago. Players will need to defeat him in order to keep on with the main story quest. Moreover, he can automatically be unlocked when you play through the 1.6 archipelago story quest.

Maguu Kenki
Check below to see how you can nail Maguu Kenki boss fight.

How to defeat Maguu Kenki Genshin Impact

To get through the Maguu Kenki boss fight, there are certain things you need to memorize.

1. Maguu Kenki weakness

Unfortunately, Maguu Kenki has no elemental weaknesses. That’s why ranged characters will not have an advantage in this fight.

With that, the most recommended way to beat it is to have stable stamina and health at all moments. You must also be aware that the boss can be stronger once his health is half used up. A buffed Maguu Kenki can roll out 3 more strong attacks.

As the boss has no elemental weaknesses, make sure to know all of his moves and abilities while also forming the best team.

2. Maguu Kenki abilities

Oni Mask is Maguu Kenki’s special mechanic. It uses the Mask for different attacks during the fight. The attacks that it offers even come in more forms, so let’s not overlook all of its abilities and how to encounter them.

  • Protective Mask: The boss will summon an Oni Mask to secure itself from ranged charges when it’s not in the middle of something else. That’s why you should stick with melee Genshin Impact characters instead of ranged ones (Yoimiya, Venti, Diona, Ganyu…)
  • Pushing Mask: The boss summons the Oni Mask and pushes it forward to deal damage to everything in its path. Avoid the damage by dashing to either side of it.
  • Exploding Mask: Before exploding the Oni Mask in a vast radius, the boss will summon it atop you and deal Cryo damage. Run away from the boss when it begins summoning the mask.
  • Slash: Maguu Kenki Genshin will roll out three successive slices. Post each slice, he will try to re-aim at you. As the attack is relatively slow, you can dodge it by dashing away.
Fight At Close Range
Fighting at close range is highly recommended.
  • Dash: Maguu Kenki will dash to either side or towards you very fast. Despite having no damage, the boss will get closer to players this way.
  • Iai - Shadowrush: The boss sheaths its sword slowly and enters Iai posture. It will rush to you after a short delay. Dodge the attack by running to the side right after the boss begins the sheathing.
  • Whirlwind Slash: Also sheathing his sword and entering Iai stance, the boss will slash in a circle around himself. Just go as far away as possible once he puts the sword in the sheath.
  • Frost Dive: A second sword made of Cryo will be taken out before the boss thrusts both swords into the ground and deal Cryo damage around himself. Sprint far away from him once the Cryo sword is summoned.
  • Flowing Water: Maguu Kenki will slash 3 times at the player, launching slicing waves in your direction. To avoid taking damage, sprint to either side until the attack is finished.
  • Phantom - Consecutive Slash: The boss will transport away a brief distance, calling a phantom to his spot. Both will charge briefly and deal harm in a circle. Dodge the attack by dashing away from Maguu Kenki and the phantom as soon as it teleports.
Maguu Kenki Phantom
The strategies include a lot of dashing and sprinting, so don't forget to be quick.
  • Phantom - Whirlwind Slash: When the sword is sheathed, Maguu Kenki will the player you towards it. After a brief delay, the boss attacks in a humble circle, followed by a big circular slice from the phantom. You just need to sprint out from the whirlwind to not get pulled in.
  • Flowing Water (Phantom): Like the normal version of Flowing Water, you can dodge this attack by continuously running to the side of it.

Although it may sound difficult, the goal is to learn to detect Maguu’s moves before his massive attacks.

3. Recommended characters

Getting a line-up with strong attackers as well as defensive characters is the best to do. A balance in defense and offense will be the deciding factor in defeating Maguu Kenki.

5-star characters like Pyro Hu Tao can make a good main DPS that deals with high damage output. Also, you can include Zhongli to create a boosted defense.

Zhongli In Mguu Kenki Fight
Zhongli is the badass you can't exclude if you want to win this fight.

Maguu Kenki Genshin drops

Here’s what you can get after challenging Maguu Kenki. They are normal boss drops, not event-designated rewards. Among them, the Marionette Core is Sayu and Kazuha ascension materials.

1. Materials

  • Shivada Jade Sliver, Shivada Jade Fragment (level 40+), Shivada Jade Chunk (level 60+), Shivada Jade Gemstone (level 75+)
  • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment (level 40+), Vayuda Turquoise Chunk (level 60+), Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone (level 75+)
  • Marionette Core (level 30+)
Marionette Core
Marionette Core is the most unique drop on the list.

2. Artifacts

  • Berserker set
  • Gladiator's Finale set
  • Instructor's set
  • Lucky Dog set
  • Wanderer's Troupe set

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