Genshin Impact Yaoyao has been leaked for months but she has not been introduced yet. Here is all information we have known about this character. Check out all leaks about this character up to now.

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Element

The first leaked information about this new character is her element. Yaoyao is said to be the first Dendro character in this game. Although Dendro is introduced as one of Genshin Impact's elements, there has not been any Dendro character up to now. This element can be added in the following updates.

Yaoyao Leaks
Yaoyao can be the first Dendro character in this game.

From many fans' arts and leaks, Yaoyao is a small adorable girl like Klee, Diona, Qiqi, and Sayu. She wears a yellow-green dress and a small bag that can be used to store seeds because her predicted element is Dendro. Moreover, she dresses up like a herb collector or farmer in China. In addition, you can see a Dendro Vision on her dress, making the rumor more credible.

She Will Be A Small Girl
She will be a small girl like Klee, Diona, Qiqi, and Sayu.

Yaoyao Genshin Impact Weapon

Yaoyao's weapon can be the catalyst or polearm. Now, she is an NPC in Liyue but players speculate that she will be launched as a playable character in the future. She is the junior disciple of Xiangling under the same master chef. Then, Ganyu protects and takes care of Yaoyao under her wing. Therefore, the chance she uses the catalyst is higher.

Yaoyao In The Forest
Yaoyao is likely to use the catalyst.

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Gameplay

If Yaoyao is a Dendro character with a Catalyst weapon, she can play the role of a Genshin Impact healer or supporter in your team. With huge knowledge about herbs and oriental medicine, this little girl knows how to cure teammates and treat their injuries during combat.

She can be a healer or supporter of your team who can cook delicious dishes from herbs to treat teammates.

Yaoyao might be a 4-star character that you may obtain for free. However, Genshin Impact often requires players to complete some quests or challenges to get free characters. Genshin Impact Yaoyao's release date is not confirmed yet. Therefore, you need to wait for further information to understand her gameplay.

Yaoyao And Qiqi
Yaoyao has close relationships with Qiqi and many characters in Liyue.

Yaoyao's Relationships In Genshin Impact

More about this character, Yaoyao often sneaks onto Beidou's ship when it comes to Liyue Harbor. Therefore, Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs had to ask Ganyu to keep her from Beidou's ship. The reason she always tries to find Beidou on her ship might be seafood. Yaoyao loves eating this kind of food.

Yaoyao Loves Seafood
Yaoyao loves seafood so much that Ningguang is worried she does not take enough fruits and vegetables.

Apart from her senior Xiangling and her babysitter Ganyu, Beidou is the closest character to Yaoyao. Moreover, she is also close to Ningguang and Qiqi in Genshin Impact. We have heard these characters mentioning her in their scene. From Ningguang's leaks, Yaoyao has a very close relationship with Adepti.

Yaoyao And Ganyu
Yaoyao is kept under the wing of Ganyu.

Here is what these characters talk about Yaoyao.

  • Ningguang: 

Yaoyao is the little girl who has been taken under Ganyu's wings. She is so enamored with seafood that she does not take enough vegetables and fruits in her diet.

  • Xiangling: 

Xiangling calls Yaoyao her 'fellow chef'. She hasn't seen Yaoyao coming to Wanmin Restaurant for years. Maybe their master chef is trying to keep Yaoyao from Xiangling. When they last hung out, Yaoyao prevented Xiangling from eating raw octopus from the Sea of Clouds.

Yaoyao And Xiangling
Xiangling calls Yaoyao her 'fellow chef'.
  • Beidou:

The ship captain Beidou is a strong woman. She said Yaoyao always came on their board to play when they were in the harbor. No one in her crew has the heart to send her away because of Yaoyao's puppy eyes. Therefore, they are always cutting it quite close when they manage to set sail.

Yaoyao And Beidou
Yaoyao always came on Beidou's board to play when they were in the harbor.
  • Qiqi:

Qiqi is an adorable zombie in Liyue with short-term memory. But she can still remember Yaoyao. Qiqi described that Yaoyao is "like a nice little finch" who is cute.

Yaoyao In Mid Autumn Picture
Qiqi says that Yaoyao is as adorable as a nice little finch.
  • Ganyu:

Ganyu has been looking after Yaoyao. She said someone she knew at the Ministry of Civil Affairs asked her to keep an eye on her in the city. They didn't want to see Yaoyao sneaking onto the Crux ship of Beidou.

Those are all leaks and thoughts about Genshin Impact Yaoyao. Players are highly expecting to see this adorable character in the upcoming updates soon.

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