Varka is among the many unreleased Genshin Impact characters that fans are highly looking forward to. Although he was never data-mined, he has been mentioned by in-game characters since day 1 as Mondstadt’s Knights of Favonius. Here is the story, lore, and everything we have know so far about Varka Genshin Impact.

Jean Barbara
Varka goes with Barbara and Jean's fathers on an expedition, leaving Jean working as the Acting Grand Master.

Who is Varka Genshin Impact?

Before getting to see Genshin Impact Varka vision and element, a Varka story summary is essential especially for those who are not familiar with him.

1. Previous Grand Master of the Knights of Favonious

We first heard about Varka when reaching Mondstadt at the start of the game, after meeting the Knights of Favonius. He is called Grand Master Varka Genshin Impact and holds the Knight of Boreas title.

Varka currently guides an expedition with Jean and Barbara’s father, Simon Page, who is also a popular adventurer. That is why Jean will be the acting Grand Master until he comes back.

Proven by multiple character thoughts and voice lines, Varka is respected and liked by the Mondstadt citizens. Bennett even considers him a role model.

Razor Voicelines Varka
Varka has been mentioned in many characters' voice lines, including Razor's.

2. Razor's discovery

In fact, Varka is the one who found Razor in the wilderness and led him to Mondstadt. The chief not only gave the wolf boy his name but also instructed him to exert a Claymore to defend his fellows.

3. The expedition

Varka embarked on an expedition alongside the elite Knights of Favoinus half a year before the Traveler arrived in Mondstadt. Lately, there is no information on when he would return or where he was going.

There are parts of the Teyvat world that are not in the 7 regions such as the Silent Sea of Ashes or the Golden Island Archipelago. The Knights possibly head to a similar location and the Traveler may end up coming across this expedition at some point.

Moreover, one of their expedition’s objectives is to defeat the Abyss Order. This is confirmed by Glory, a blind woman waiting for her boyfriend to return from the expedition. Although it’s just a guess, it is likely that players would only see Varka at the end of the Teyvat Story Chapter when the battle against the Abyss Order goes to an end.

Varka has been on an expedition for a big mission alongside other knights.

Varka Genshin Impact leaks

What does Varka look like and how is he through the eyes of other characters?

1. Varka design

While miHoYo has not released any official artwork or screencap of the character yet, he is described as a very tall and big man. You may stumble upon fan arts that draw Varka with grey hair, but he can also be a blonde or redhead, it depends.

Many admirers hope he will be a muscular kind of character as most playable Genshin Impact male characters look thin and Shota-material so far.

Reddit Varka Fanart
This is how he looks like through the eyes of a Reddit user. (cred on pic)
Varka Design
Varka in-game leaked design

2. Varka mentioned in voice lines

He has been described through the words of many in-game characters. Jean refers to him as Grand Master Varka Genshin Impact, an unruly, relaxed knight of new conquests. It seems that this is not the first time he is on an expedition and Jean has to be in charge of his work on Mondstadt.

Varka is also the Knight of Boreas as mentioned in both Childe's and Barbara’s voice lines: "Varka? Just the thought of one day going head-to-head with him in combat, the fabled Knight of Boreas himself, titan of the Knights of Favonius… It makes me buzz with excitement. It’s a beautiful life we live in this world."

Childe Voicelines About Varka
Varka was mentioned by Childe in the game.

Bennett: He's my role model! Talk about team leadersー he's the Grand Master! Leads the whole darn Knights of Favonius! How incredible do you have to be to do that!?

Jean: "Grand Master Varka is the legend of his generation. On the day of his triumphant return, I shall be sure to personally introduce you to him. I’m sure you too will be in awe of his greatness."

Eula: "Hmph, the Grand Master... He doesn't like to beat around the bush and has no care for rumors or trivial matters. A good guy, I guess."

Barbara Talk About Jean And Varka
Barbara talking about Jean and Varka.

Meanwhile, Rosaria also said Varka is a talkative man. While he is a carefree person whose trait is appreciated by Kaeya, Diluc, instead, does not fancy him at all.

And thanks to the voice lines of Tartaglia and Eula, we also learn that Varka is an insanely powerful and possibly the strongest individual in Mondstadt and Genshin Impact itself.

3. Varka name pronunciation

As a bonus side note, in every Genshin Impact dub besides English, the V in Varka is pronounced as F. In case you end up talking about the game lore in real life one day, you may see some players saying his name as Farka instead.

Varka release date and vision predictions

When will be Genshin Impact Varka release date and what element will he hold?

1. Varka Genshin Impact element

Every character who has detailed “About…” voice lines from others has turned playable at some points. This means Varka will very likely become a playable character in the future. A Genshin Impact 5-star character to say the least.

Moreover, so far, all in-game playable characters are Vision holders or can use Elemental Energy without any vision, namely the Archons and the Traveler.

As the Knight of Boreas, Varka could have a connection to Andrius (Lupus Boreas). Therefore, it is likely that Varka may use the Anemo or Cryo element.

Varka ArtStation design
Genshin Impact Varka vision can be either Anemo or Cryo. (cre. on pic)

Moreover, we can see in the 5-star Claymore weapon Wolf’s Gravestone’s description that the Knight of Boreas is its wielder. This hints that Varka will likely be a Claymore character.

2. Release date for Varka

Varka has never been data-mined but it does not mean anything necessarily. A number of characters such as Shenhe were data-mined yet have never been released.

For all we know, Varka could be introduced in Genshin Impact 2.3. It can also take years until we see him on the frontline. Only miHoYo has the answer for Varka release date.

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