In the character teaser of Raiden Shogun, you can see three friends of Baal in the opening scene. They are Chiyo, Sasayuri, and Kitsune Saiguu. Let's learn about these Genshin Impact Baal's friends.

1. Chiyo Genshin Impact

Mikoshi Chiyo, also known as Torachiyo, is a valuable ally of Baal - the Raiden Shogun. Previously, the four of them had a happy time together before they left Baal one by one. Chiyo was swallowed by a monster while fighting against the dark forces with Baal. Then, the dark swallowed Chiyo and turned her into a different person.

Baal And Her Three Friends
Genshin Impact Baal's friends.

In the stomach of the beast, Chiyo was stained by a deep sin. She turned her sword on Baal who used to be a close friend of Chiyo. Then, the boss Raiden Shogun defeated Chiyo and cut a horn and an arm of this character. After that, this character fled away and disappeared into the forest.

Chiyo Genshin Impact
Chiyo was stained by a deep sin.

2. Sasayuri Genshin Impact

Sasayuri Genshin Impact is another character in Baal's friends who is left side of the picture. This character served the Raiden Shogun for a long time before being killed in the civil war between the Great Serpent Orobashi on Watatsumi Island and the force of the Raiden Shogun. Losing this friend also became a nightmare for Baal.

Sasayuri Genshin Impact
Sasayuri Genshin Impact died during the civil war.

3. Kitsune Saiguu Genshin Impact

Kitsune Saiguu is the last character in this photo of Baal and her friends. This character is also known as Lady Saiguu or the Hakushin Kitsune. She is the descendant of the influential Hakushin Clan in Inazuma. Kitsune Saiguu was also one of the lost people in the dark disaster who were consumed by the dark will. 

Baal Lost All Her Friends
Baal lost all her three friends.

After losing three close friends in the war and dark disaster, Baal's heart gets colder. She also lost her smile and laughter. That's why her nightmare is a dark and creepy place where players need to defeat the Raiden Shogun boss.

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