Jean is a beautiful knight in Mondstadt. Besides, she is one of the most versatile and useful characters in Genshin Impact. Let's learn how to use and build Jean Genshin Impact here.

Jean Knight Genshin Impact
Jean is a beautiful knight in Mondstadt.

How To Use Jean In Genshin Impact

The only way to obtain Jean in Genshin Impact is from Wish Banner. Therefore, many players haven't got this character and don't know how to use her skills yet. Here are the best uses of Jean's abilities in combat you need to know.

1. Launch enemies with her Elemental Skills

Gale Blade is Jean's elemental skill. She can gather and launch opponents into the air. When enemies are launched off the platform, they cannot aim and attack you. Besides, when enemies fall off into nearby water, you can switch to a Cryo character to freeze them after they get wet. Besides, if enemies fall off from the high place, they will take DMG from falling.

Featured Genshin Impact Elements
Her elemental skill can gather and launch opponents into the air.

2. Use Elemental Bursts to cause DMG to enemies and heal allies

Jean's Elemental Burst is Dandelion Breeze. This skill also has healing effects on Jean and her allies in both solo and multiplayer gameplay. When Jean uses the burst, her sword aims to the sky. Then, it causes a large Anemo AoE around her with a lot of Dandelions. Moreover, her elemental burst of Jean also causes damage to enemies.

Genshin Impact Jean Elemental Burst
Her elemental burst has healing effects on Jean and her allies in both solo and multiplayer gameplay.

3. Hit enemies with Jean's normal attacks

Like other sword users, Jean is also a good tanker in Genshin Impact with powerful normal attacks. She often fights in close combat and takes many enemies at once. Jean is a great choice for the DPS role with the best balance between healing and attacking abilities. Therefore, she is one of the most versatile characters in this game who can play as a support, healer, and DPS.

Jean The Dandelion Knight
The normal attacks of this Dandelion Knight cause huge physical damage to enemies.

Jean Genshin Impact Build

Apart from the character's abilities, you should understand all the strengths and weaknesses of Jean. It helps you choose Jean's best weapons, artifacts, and teammates to support her and maximize her strong points.

Jean's strengths and weaknesses

Jean Genshin Impact has many strengths that make a lot of players want to obtain this character. Firstly, her normal attack and Elemental Burst can heal all team members during combat. Besides, she can control the combat well with her Elemental Skill. However, long cooldown and low base damage are some significant weaknesses of this character.

Jeans Strong And Weak Points
Understanding her strong and weak points help you build this character correctly.

Best weapons for Jean Genshin Impact

Being such a versatile character, what is the best sword for Jean in Genshin Impact in each role?

Aquila Favonia sword is the best weapon for Jean if you want to build her Physical DPS role. This stunning sword increases her ATK by 20%. If you haven't got this 5-star sword in your arsenal, choose The Black Sword or the Prototype Rancour sword instead. These alternative swords boost the DMG of her normal and charged attacks by 4to 20%.

If you want to build Jean as a supporter, equip the Primordial Jade Cutter sword for her. This weapon helps increase her HP by 20%. Favonius Sword and Festering Desire are also good weapon choices for her supporter role.

Aquila Favonia Jean
Aquila Favonia is the best weapon if you want to build Jean's Physical DPS role.

Best artifacts for Jean

You should equip two pieces of the Gladiator's Finale set and two pieces of the Viridescent Venerer set to build her Physical DPS role. This combo gives Jean a 15% Anemo DMG Bonus. Alternatively, a 4-piece Pale Flame is another good build with great ATK DMG.

Best Artifact For Jean
Pale Flame, Gladiator's Finale, and Viridescent Venerer are the three best artifact sets for Jean.

Jean's best team build

As Jean is a versatile character, you can use her in many roles and combine her with many characters. She is not only a powerful DPS but also one of the best healers in Genshin Impact. Here are some recommendations for Jean Genshin Impact best build.

  • DPS: If you use Jean as a healer or supporter, you need a DPS dealer. It's better to use a catalyst Pyro DPS such as Hu Tao, Klee, Yoimiya, and Yanfei. Jean's elemental skills and bursts can increase the AoE of the burning effect to cause a larger AoE DMG.
  • Supporter: Venti, Zhongli, Alberdo.
  • Sub-DPS: Xiao Genshin Impact can play as the sub-DPS dealer for Jean when she plays the DPS role. The combination of two Anemo characters will make a storm on the battlefield.
Jean And Klee
Klee is one of the best friends and teammates of Jean in Genshin Impact.

Besides, you can also use Jean in Genshin Impact as a supporter or healer in a Pyro or Cryo team to maximize the AoE of Elemental DMG.

Lumine Lisa Amber Jean Genshin Impact
This beautiful knight can play well in any team in the role of a supporter or healer.

How To Get Jean Genshin Impact Outfit

Jean is one of the two first characters who have a summer outfit in Genshin Impact. Jean's summer outfit is Sea Breeze Dandelion. It was introduced in version 1.6. Unlike Barbara's Summertime Sparkle outfit, you cannot obtain it from the previous Summer event.

Instead, Genshin Impact allows players to purchase Jean's outfit in the new outfit store. This Premium outfit costs 1680 Crystals. After purchasing Sea Breeze Dandelion, players go to the Character Outfits in the Shop to change her costume.

Jean Summer Skin Genshin Impact
Jean's summer outfit is Sea Breeze Dandelion.

If the Favonian Devotion set of this knight is neat and smart, Sea Breeze Dandelion set makes this girl looks more gentle and charming.

Jean Genshin Impact can support or carry your team to victory when you know how to use and build her abilities. Let's use this character wisely and effectively if you got her.

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