Completing the Anti Raiden Shogun Training in Genshin Impact is one of the objectives in The Servant’s Path Archon Quest. Although the guide for this quest is relatively straightforward, actually getting the mission done can be quite a hassle. So our instruction and tips will shed light on the strategies you need to overcome it.

Anti Raiden Shogun Training In Genshin Impact
Anti-Raiden Shogun Training sounds easy but may need more than luck to complete.

How to complete Anti Raiden Shogun Training in Genshin Impact

As the totem/device in Anti Raiden Shogun Training has multiple attacks that resemble Raiden Shogun’s capabilities, you will gain more experience for directly fighting Raiden Shogun.

To do the Genshin Impact Anti-Raiden Shogun Training, players have to avoid attacks and avoid being hit by the finishing move. Prior to the final move, players can only take ten hits maximum.

Anti Raiden Shogun Training In Genshin Impact 2
The challenge will prepare you before locking horns with Raiden Shogun.

Step 1. Dodge attacks

First, when the challenge begins and the domes show up, run to all edges of the dome. It will secure you from the attacks that cover most parts of the field. Apart from that, be careful of the thing in the middle. Whenever it opens, get ready and quickly dodge it while staying near the wall.

Here are all the enemy patterns that you have to memorize:

  • The massive AoE blast which surrounds the totem will usually be cast as soon as you begin the challenge.
  • Numerous lightning strikes will reach the spot you are at. Just dodge or sidestep very quickly to avoid them.
  • Crescent-looking projectiles will also be fired with usually two or three of them back-to-back.

Note: Players can only avoid the attacks by dash movements. Skills like Noelle’s shield or Zhongli’s pillar will not work.

dodge attacks
Run to every edge of the dome to avoid being hit.

Step 2. Avoid the finishing move

Watch out when the timer displays around 10-16 seconds. The totem will spawn some orbs that explode in only a few seconds.

The goal is to destroy one of them really fast to avoid being hit by the finishing move from the device. And fast damage is the solution here.

Pyro characters will be great choices for ruining these orbs although it’s essential that you avoid burning yourself, which can lead to the challenge’s failure. Ideally, Hu Tao, Klee, Xiangling will do well in a pinch to destroy the crystalline eye device.

Anti Raiden Shogun Finishing Move Guid
Switch to a Pyro character in order to destroy one of the orbs.

Once you manage to pull this off, the system will disable the finishing move completely which means you have nailed the challenge. When you have finished the Anti Raiden Shogun Training, talk to YAe Miko. Then, she will ask you to return to the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Note: Controlling the timing on this can pose quite a challenge especially when you play Genshin Impact with high ping or on mobile. It might take several attempts to get it down, so be patient.

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