Amakumo Fruit is a new exclusive fruit on Seirai Island in Inazuma. You have to farm lots of Amaku mo Fruits for Raiden Shogun and Kiara. Learn where to find and how to use this fruit in this Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit guide.

Amakumo Fruit Locations
Here are all the Amakumo fruit locations on the minimap of Seirai Island.

I. Where Does Amakumo Fruit Grow?

You can find Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit in the wild on Seirai Island in Inazuma. You can check out the locations of this fruit on the interactive map of Genshin Impact to find it more easily. There are two main farming routes to farm this ascension material.

  • The Inner Ring route of Seirai Island gives you 56 fruits. It spawns in the purple grass areas.
  • The Outer Ring route is longer. You can farm 98 fruits when roaming along the outer ring of this island.

Moreover, you can find a lot of Amakumo Fruits in a short time are Koseki village, around the North Teleport way in Fort Hiraumi, and on the beach of this small island. There is no shop selling this ascension material in Teyvat. So, you need to explore the island to collect this fruit.

Moreover, this fruit only spawns after 48 hours. Therefore, you should remember the farming route of this resource to come back and gather it. Check out the locations and best routes to farm this fruit for your Raiden Shogun in the next part of this Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit guide.

Amakumo Fruit
Amakumo Fruit is a new exclusive fruit on Seirai Island.

II. Best Amakumo Fruit Locations & Farming Routes

Amakumo Fruit is pretty rare but you need a lot for Raiden Shogun. There are five best Amakumo Fruit farming routes around Seirai Island. Remember these routes to collect all these fruits without missing any item.

#1. Koseki Village

Let's start to farm Amakumo Fruits around Koseki Village first. It's a small island in the left corner of the main island. There are two locations to pick this fruit in Koseki Village, in the northeast and center of this island. You can find three fruits in the west and north of the Teleport waypoint in this village.

#2. Fort Hiraumi

There are six Amakumo Fruits in Fort Hiraumi. You can find three fruits in the North of Slumbering Court. Three other fruits can be found in the South of the eastern Teleport Waypoint of Fort Hiraumi. As these two farming locations are close to teleport waypoints, you can quickly get there to gather them.

Amakumo Fruit Locations
Use teleport waypoints around this island to find and collect Amakumo fruits rapidly.

#3. Southeast Island

You can get four Amakumo fruits in the Hilichurl Camp on the small island in the southeast of Amakumo Peak. There is no Waypoint on this island, but you can use Electrograna to reach this isolated island faster.

#4. Amakumo Peak

Amakumo Peak is the best place to farm Amakumo fruits in Seirai Island. You can follow these routes to get all these local specialties.

  • Outer ring: These Amakumo Fruits grow on the outer side of the mountain ridges. Start from the waypoint in the northeast of the mountain and collect six fruits around the north. Then, head south and stick to the beach to pick more fruits. When you finish the outer circle, head west to the long island on the left and gather six fruits along this island.
  • Inner ring: Start from the waypoint in the north of Amakumo Peak and enter the inner circle. Next, stick to the inner round to get about 20 fruits.

Most of these Amakumo plants grow near water. But you need to find some fruit behind rocks, trees, and bushes.

Farming Routes
Go to collect Amakumo fruit farming routes around the Amakumo Peak.

Gorou has a passive talent that helps you locate Inazuma's specialties, including Amakumo Fruits. You should use this character when going to farm this material. Then, you can see the accurate location of this fruit on the minimap when approaching it.

III. How To Use Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit?

Amakumo Fruit is an important ascension for new characters in Inazuma, such as Kirara and Raiden Shogun. Players will need up to 168 Amakumo Fruits for all ascension phases of Baal. Keep in mind that it can be the fixed number of this material you need for the full ascension of all characters who require this fruit in their lists of ascension materials.

This fruit is only used for character ascension. It's not used for cooking or crafting. Besides, it's also not been used in any recipe up to the present. Now you don't need too many fruits but in the upcoming time, Amakumo Fruit can be very useful. Therefore, store it in your inventory for later use.

Amakumo Fruit For Baal Ascension
Amakumo Fruit is an important ascension for the Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun's banner is rerun now. She is one of the most worth-pulling characters in the current update. Let's go to farm Amakumo Fruits according to this Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit guide to maximize the level of this Electro DPS now!

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