Genshin Impact 2.1 has arrived with a lot of new features, including an interesting fishing system. Here are all about the Genshin Impact fishing system, such as fishing spots and fish respawn time that you may want to know.

Genshin Impact Introduced The Fishing System
Genshin Impact introduced the fishing system in 2.1 update.

How to unlock fishing system in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can only unlock the fishing system after they have reached Adventure Rank level 30. Besides, you have to complete the world quest Exploding Population. In addition, make sure that you have unlocked the Serenitea Pot Housing System.

Moreover, the Genshin Impact Fishing system also adds an NPC named Nantuck who sells the fishing supplies, such as bait blueprints and fishing rods. You can find him near the dock outside Mondstadt city. Players need to use the fish they catch to exchange for these supplies.

Genshin Impact fishing bait formula can be used in the Crafting Bench in your Serenitea Pot world or inside three cities.

Get To The Fishing Spot
Get to the fishing spot.

You can find other fishing sellers to buy other supplies. For example, Kyjirai Momiji outside the Inazuma city sells Ako's Sake Vessel refinement material, Polearm "The Catch", and fishing rods. Jiawei in Liyue Harbor sells fishing rods and a Pool of Sapphire Grace to raise fish in your Serenitea Pot world.

Pool Of Sapphire Grace
You can buy Pool of Sapphire Grace from Jiawei.

How to catch fish in Genshin Impact

There are a lot of kinds of fish in three countries in different fishing spots added in the game after Genshin Impact 2.1. Those fishes will also be attracted by different kinds of baits which are very important to catch fish. That's why knowing exact Genshin Impact fishing bait recipes is of utmost importance for fishing in the game.

Follow these steps to catch fish in Genshin Impact.

  • Craft baits in the Crafting benches.
  • Go to the fishing locations.
  • Choose the rod and bait to catch the fish species you want.
Select The Rod And Bait
Select the rod and bait.
  • Hold the Cast Rod button to enter aiming mode and let go of the said button to flick your bait and hook out. Don't land your hook too far from the wanted fish.
Choose The Location To Land The Hook
Choose the location to land the hook.
  • When the fish catch the hook, press the Raise Hook button or the fish will eat all your bait.
Throw The Hook
Wait for the fish to catch the hook.
  • After you raise the hook, the fish will struggle. Hold and release the Fish button to adjust your fishing line tension and keep it in the yellow Ideal Tension Zone to increase the Fishing progress. If you fail to keep it in that zone and make the progress hit zero, the fish escapes.
  • After the progress is full, you successfully get the fish.
Adjust The Tension Of The Fishing Rod
Adjust your fishing line tension.

Genshin Impact fishing locations & fish respawn time

There are fishing spots across Mondstadt, Inazuma, and Liyue. Luckily, you can use the interactive map to know the locations of all fish species in this game. Access Genshin Impact Interactive Map and choose the fish you want to catch. Then, pin those locations on the minimap and get there.

Tap On The Fishing Button
The fish will respawn after three in-game days.

The game has not provided any exact respawn time of fishes in Genshin Impact. However, many players claimed that it takes players three in-game days for the fish to respawn in this game. Then, you can count the night and come back to that spot to catch fish after three nights in-game time.

Besides, the Genshin Impact fishing system also limits the number of fish you can farm per day. Each day you can catch only 50 fish.

In short, Genshin Impact Fishing respawn time is 3 in-game days. You can catch fish in the water areas in all three countries.

Lunar Realm fishing event tips & rewards

When you mastered the Genshin Impact fishing system, you can complete all missions in the Lunar Realm Fishing Event quickly and get a lot of attractive Genshin Impact fishing rewards.

Here are some tips to complete Lunar Realm Fishing event missions in one day.

Quick fishing tips

After getting to Genshin Impact fishing spots in the quests by using the Teleport Waypoint system, you stand close to the fishing location. Don't jump into the water and swim to the circle where fish respawns. To catch fish quickly and complete missions fast, you need to keep some tips in mind.

  • Stand close to the fish spawn location so that you can catch the fish at the farthest points.
  • Throw the bait in the center of the circle to attack most of the fish and get a bite fast.
  • Only catch the easy fishes, such as Medaka fish to complete easy missions. Most of the missions require players to catch 2 to 6 consecutive Medaka fish or random fish within the given time. Just choose the Medaka fish to catch them faster and easier.
  • Throw the bait near you to catch Medaka.
Fishing Event Missions
Fishing event missions.

Lunar Realm fishing rewards

After completing all fishing missions of seven days during the Lunar Realm event, you will get a lot of rewards. Here is the prize pool of this fishing event that you can get.

  • Primogems: 60 Primogems per day for completing the first mission.
  • Mora: 60,000 Mora per day at maximum.
  • Hero's Wits: 3 books per day after completing the first mission.
  • Sanctifying Unction: one bottle per day after completing the second mission.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: 6 ores per day at maximum after complete the third mission.
  • Moonstringer Fishing Rod after the seventh day's mission and Mysterious Fish Furnishing.
Fishing Event Rewards
You can get a lot of rewards from this event.

Besides, you can use the fish you catch to raise in the new Serenitea Pot pond. You can only raise the Ornamental Fish in that pond. Or else, you can exchange fish for fishing associations from three NPCs in Liyue, Mondstadt, and Inazuma.

How to exchange fish for fishing associations

The fishing system of Genshin Impact also introduced some fishing associations to make you become a professional fisherman. Here are some places to exchange rewards and fishing associations in Genshin Impact.

#1. Nantuck in Mondstadt

This male NPC goes fishing outside the Mondstadt city, near a small port. You can exchange some items with him by giving him fish.

  • Redrot Bait Formula: Medaka x3.
  • False Worm Bait Formula: Medaka x 3.
  • Fake Fly Bait Formula: Medaka x 3.
  • Windtangler fishing rod: Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Venomspine fish, and Tea-Colored Shirakodai (each type x20).
Nantuck in Mondstard.

#2. Jiawei in Liyue's Port

This man has two items for you to exchange. You can find him standing at the southeast point at the port of Liyue.

  • Pool Of Sapphire Grace: Medaka x10.
  • Wishmaker fishing rod: Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Betta, and Brown Shirakodai (each type x20).
Jiawei In Liyues Port
Location of Jiawei in Liyue's Port.

#3. Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma

She stands near the shore on the outskirts of Inazuma City. She has three fishing furnishing items to exchange for your fish.

  • Narukawa Ukai fishing rod: Medaka, Glaze Medaka, Lung Stickleback, and Purple Shirakodai (each type x20).
  • The Catch: Raimei Angelfish x 6, Golden Koi x 20, and Rusty Koi x 20.
  • Ako's Sake Vessel: Raimei Angelfish x 3, Pufferfish x 10, and Bitter Pufferfish x 10.
Kujirai Momiji
Find Kujirai Momiji in the shore.

Long-body fish and rare fish are harder to catch. Let's start with easy fish to improve your fishing skills and game sense before challenging hardcore fish in the Genshin Impact fishing system.

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