One of the most efficient methods to evaluate Adventure Rank XP and earn primogems in Genshin Impact is completing daily commissions. While players usually repeat numerous daily commissions, some are far less common than that. Tales of Winter Genshin Impact is an example. You will come across it in the game where you are assigned to infiltrate Fatui, the antagonist family.

Mondstadt Chapel
Here's how you can do the Tales of Winter commissions in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock Tales of Winter

The Tales of Winter is a daily commission tasked by nonantagonistic Fatui member – Viktor. Unlike Genshin Impact world quests or any other category quests, this quest cannot be begun on personal preference.

To get Tales of Winter Genshin Impact unlocked, you must head to the Chapel in Monstadt to find Viktor and talk to him. The quest will occur in the Mondstadt city and you have to infiltrate the notorious clan to get details about their scheme.

Talk To Viktor
Meet Viktor in the chapel to unlock the quest.

Check out the Tales of Winter quest loot locations below and you’ll know how to do Tales of Winter Genshin Impact.

Loot locations of Tales of Winter

In order to complete the commission, what you need to do is collecting the Mitachurl Loot, Treasure Hunter Loot, and the Ruin Guard Loot. Below are the corresponding locations of all Tales of Winter loots.

1. Mitachurl loot

You can find the Mitachurl loot in the Falcon Coast area of Mondstadt. However, before getting your hands on the loot, you have to defeat the Mitachurl which locates near the region around Cryo Regisvine.

2. Treasure Hoarder loot

On the other hand, the Treasure Hoarder loot can be seen on Mondstadt’s Brightcrown Canyon part. The loot will be added to your inventory after you have managed to beat the final foe.

Treasure Hoarder Loot
Treasure Hoarder Loot

3. Ruin Guard loot

In close proximity, you can also discover the Ruin Guard which is placed on Brightcrown Canyon's ruins. Similar to the first loot, players have to defeat the enemies that guard the respective items.

While Genshin Impact players will get the daily commissions rewards after doing each of the above three commissions, they would also unlock the “Telling It How It Is” achievement that grants 5 primogems after the quests are all done.

Ruin Guard Loot
Defeat the guards to obtain Ruin Guard loot.

Tales of Winter Genshin Impact achievement guide

1. Achievement overview & rewards

This achievement belongs to the category of Snezhnaya Does Not Believe In Tears: Series I. For the unversed, its objective is "Gather intelligence concerning Snezhnaya in Tales of Winter Genshin Impact".

Not all achievement guides are long and complicated like Rise And Shrine Secret Achievement. Players will get 5 Primogems after finishing Telling It How It Is which is very quick to complete.

2. How to complete Telling It How It Is

As Telling It How It Is joined with the daily commission, you will not get your hands on the achievement without doing the quest. All you need to do is talk to Viktor to start the quest. He will ask you to bring one among the Treasure Hoarder, Mitachurl, or a Ruin Guard loot.

Meanwhile, you can only give the NPC one of the three items each time. This means you cannot complete the achievement in one single run. In fact, you are required to do the quest at least 3 times and give a different item to Viktor per quest.

Gather intelligence concerning snezhnaya in tales of winter genshin impact
Telling It How It Is is the last step before you get the ultimate win.

Note: As daily commissions are randomly assigned each day, there is no certainty that you can get the mission. Make sure to log in every day so that you will not miss it if it is brought to you.
Moreover, players cannot hand Viktor any material you already had in the inventory as the loot he talks about is one-of-a-kind. Just defeat the marked foe and loot the item from them.

How to fix Tales Of Winter Genshin Impact bug

The Tales of Winter bug was found in Genshin Impact at a particular period and it was fixed at some point. However, there are still chances that gamers may face this Bug again.

More importantly, Tales of Winter is part of the center storyline so you cannot skip it. Daily rewards will also be missed if you are not able to complete it. That is why it is critical to fix the bug if you come across one while playing.

You can follow the following ways to fix the Tales of Winter bug:

  • Get the Equivalent Exchange Quest done and return to Tales of Winter. This will permit you to begin the daily commission.
  • Try accessing the quest by joining a Co-Op game.
  • Try Restarting the game.
Mondstadt Chapel Viktor
Make sure to fix the Tales of Winter bug if you stumble upon it.

There goes every highlight players need to remember if they want to complete the Tales of Winter commissions. For more news and guides on Genshin Impact and other titles, keep updated with!

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