As you progress through Inazuma in Genshin Impact, you will get to the Yashiori Island where contending with opponents and a never-ending lighting storm is unavoidable.

A Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement guide is what every player needs at this stage and we are here to help.

Rise And Shrine Secret Achievement Shrines
Check out the Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement guide to unlock the reward.

About Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement

In the middle of the Traveler’s mission to fix the weather on Yashiori island, you will likely meet one of the shrines located across the region. What you might not realize is managing to discover all these shrines will grant player a secret achievement.

To unlock the Rise and Shrine secret achievement, you have to seek and interact with 5 shrines on the island. It is worth noting that you have to progress through the full dialogue when interacting with each of the Shrines.

While some only show a single dialogue line, others might require multiple prompts.

How to unlock Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement

Shrine 1

The very first shrine can be found when you fast travel to the Statue of the Seven located in Higi Village. From this location, go west across the bridge and follow that path across the village.

You will see the first shrine on the left of the dirt path right next to the cliff.

Shrine 1
Higi Village is the first spot to reach.

Shrine 2

Fast travel to the waypoint which is on the Maguu Kenki boss spot’s east side. From this waypoint, spring off the cliff towards the east. You will be able to find it right underneath you.

Shrine 2
Find the shrine after jumping off the cliff.

Shrine 3

The next step of Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement guide in Genshin Impact is heading near the Maguu Kenki waypoint.

Also jump off the cliff from the waypoint, face west, and slide down to the shrine directly underneath.

Shrine 3 2
Follow this waypoint to find the shrine.
Shrine 3
Here goes the third shrine.

Shrine 4

To find shrine number four, you must travel to the Maguu Kenki boss arena west. Make sure you don’t happen to aggro Maguu Kenki.

This shrine will lie next to a stone pillar with a samurai miniboss as a guard.

Shrine 4
This is to the west of Maguu Kenki boss arena.

Shrine 5

Directly head south from the location of the fourth shrine. Eventually, you will see an electro barrier on the right. From the plant close by, summon an Electrogranum and destroy the barrier to access the last shrine.

Shrine 5 1
Remember to summon an Electrogranum.
Rise and Shrine Secret Achievement guide
The final shrine

What is the final achievement?

Once you have interacted with the fifth shrine, you will get the "Rise and Shrine" achievement and 5 Primogems.

Moreover, you may also notice a sixth shrine by the Serpent's Head landmark. If you pray to the Serpent's Head shrine three times in a row, you will get an amazing chest that contains 5 Primogems on the next day.

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