Valberry is a local specialty in Mondstadt nation in Genshin Impact. You need this fruit in many crafting blueprints and character ascensions. Check out top Genshin Impact Valberry locations and uses of this specialty here.

1. Genshin Impact All Valberry Locations

Valberry grows in the wild in Mondstadt only. You cannot find this local specialty in other nations in Teyvat. This fruit spawns more around Stormbearer Mountains. Moreover, you can also buy it from the NPC Chloris. Here are the top locations of the Genshin Impact Valberry farm route that you shouldn't miss.

Genshin Impact Valberry farm route

Briefly, valberry grows in the North of Starfell Valley in Mondstadt. There are 19 locations of Valberry in total. Each location has a Valbery bush with four fruits. Therefore, you can collect about 76 Valberry fruits per farming trip. This fruit will spawn once every 49 real-world hours.

Here's how to collect the fruits there.

  • North of Starfell Lake teleport waypoint. From this teleport waypoint, you go along the Cider Lake bank. You can collect 12 to 20 Valberry fruits from three or five trees.
  • Then, head to the north and pick up 12 valberry fruits around the location of Anemo Hypostasis in the north of Stormbearer Mountains.
Genshin Impact Valberry Map Location
Each Valberry bush in Genshin Impact gives players four fruits.
  • Next, go along the right side of the river flowing through the Stormbearer Mountains to harvest 4 Valberry bushes that give you 16 fruits.
  • Then, use the teleport waypoint under the peak of the Stormbearer Point to get to that location quickly. You can pick up 16 Valberry fruits from four Valberry bushes around the Stormbearer Point.
Valberry Location Farm Route
All Genshin Impact Valberry locations in Mondstadt

Chloris' Location & Botanic Shop

Apart from farming in the wild, you can also purchase Valberry fruit from the NPC Botanist "Chloris" in Monsdstadt. You can find this little girl wandering around the path from Mondstadt city to Thousand Wind Temple.

Botanist Chloris
The location of the little Botanist Chloris in Mondstadt.

This little girl sells a lot of local plants in Mondstadt. She wears an adorable blue dress and carries a backpack that has various plants, such as Snapdragon, Mint, Wolfhook, Valberry, and Philanemo mushroom.

Chlonis Shop
Chlonis' shop has many local plants in Mondstadt with different price labels.

Each Valberry costs 1,000 Mora. You can purchase only five Valberry fruits with 5,000 Mora from this NPC per day. If you need more, come back to see her after two or three days. It also takes Chlonis around 49 real-world hours to collect these plants and reset her shop.

Purchase Valberry From Chlonis
You can also purchase 5 Valberry fruit from Chlonis every two or three days.

Growing Valberries In The Housing System

After update 2.0, the game introduced a new gardening feature to the Serenitea Pot housing system. It lets players grow from plants in Teyvat in their garden. Follow this guide to grow Valberries in your own land.

  • Go to the Serenitea Pot shop and buy Valberry Seed packs, and some pieces of A Path of Value: Jade Field. Each field plot costs 300 coins. Each Valberry Seed pack cost 5 coins. You can buy only 5 packs per week. Each pack gives a valberry bush with 4 fruits.
Buy Land Spot And Seeds
Go to the Realm Depot t purchase land spots and plant seeds to grow this fruit by yourself.
  • Place the Jade Field in your land. Then, put the seed into the land.
  • Wait for Valberries to grow and fruit.
  • Harvest Valberries after 70 hours.

2. How To Use Valberry In Genshin Impact?

Valberry is an essential ingredient in Genshin Impact. You can use Valberries to make the Red Dye which is essential for furniture crafting in the Housing system. In addition, it's also an important ascension material of many characters.

Here are specific uses of this fruit in Genshin Impact.

Character Ascension

Valberries are essential ascension materials for many characters in Mondstadt, including Noelle, Lisa, and Rosaria in Genshin Impact. When these characters reach higher levels, you need more Valberries for ascension. For example, at the sixth ascension from level 80 to 90, you need up to 60 Valberries.

Rosaria Ascension
You need up to 168 Valberries for a full character ascension.

Red Dye

You can make a Red Dye from a Valberry. This Dye is an important crafting material in the Housing System. You need Red Dye in a lot of blueprints, such as Gold-lined Sandbearer Wardrobe, Mondstadt Rug: Crimson Ardor, Landscape Painting: Nameless Precipice, etc. Most of Liyue's and Mondstadt's furniture blueprints need Red Dye.

Use Red Dye In Genshin
The Red Dye made from Valberries is an important crafting material in the Housing System.

Those are all Genshin Impact Valberry locations and uses. In summary, you can also grow valberries by yourself, buy them from NPC Botanist Chloris, or explore Mondstadt and collect as many Valberries as possible for character ascensions.

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