Osial Genshin Impact is a sea monster and an ancient archon. Rex Lapis - the former Geo Archon defeated this monster in the Archon War two thousand years ago. But now, this ancient monster appeared in the story quest "A New Star Approaches". Check it out here.

What Is Osial Boss?

Osial Boss, also called Overlord of the Vortex, is an ancient monster in Genshin Impact Archon's Age. This monster was defeated by the Geo Archon Rex Lapis, also known as the Archon Morax over two thousand years ago in the Archon War. Then, he used his stone spears to shield Osial on the ocean floor to protect Liyue Harbor from this monster.

Osial Boss Fight
Osial Boss is an ancient monster offshore the Liyue Harbor.

Osial had nurtured a long-standing enmity with Morax during the time it's locked on the ocean bed. Therefore, this monster is more furious and fierce after two thousand years. Its great anger can destroy Liyue Harbor and the whole city if it's unleashed. Zhongli and Ningguang always try to keep this monster shielded to protect this harbor city.

Osial Genshin Impact Quest

In the archon quest "Heart of Glaze" in Liyue, the Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia use their Sigils of Permission to unleash the ancient monster Osial. He wants to use this monster as bait the lure out the Geo Archon and steal his Gnosis. After being free again, the monster destroyed the Guizhong Ballistas with its crazy power. Then, Adepti defeated it and Ningguang resealed the monster with the Jade Chamber.

Osial Boss Was Defeat By Rex Lapis
Osial Boss was defeat by Rex Lapis and sealed on the ocean bed over 2,000 years ago.

After that, Dansleif revealed in the archon quest "A Herald Without Adherents" that Abyss Order was prevented from making a mechanized god by the Osial boss fight. Abyss Order and Fatui are the two biggest rival groups of human beings in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact players will have to counter Osial boss in the Turning Point quest "A New Star Approaches". Although this monster does not fight directly, it still attacks players and causes damage to you. Therefore, you should know how to survive and win this battle.

Osial Boss
This boss is unleashed by Tartaglia - a Fatui Harbinger.

Osial Attack Patterns

Before countering the Osial Genshin Impact monster and complete the Turning Point quest, you need to understand its attack patterns. Osial is a Hydro boss. Therefore, it will fight you with Hydro attacks.

  • Osial throws a powerful Hydro energy on a large area to cause massive AoE DMG.
  • The monster can cause a shower of Hydro energy. The area of attack will be marked on the ground by a red circle to warn players.

How To Defeat Osial Genshin Impact?

In the Turning Point Quest, Genshin Impact players have to protect three Guizhong Ballistas in the North, East, and West. If one of them is destroyed, you will fail the challenge. You need some tips and tricks to win this battle and complete this quest. After defeating all Fatui opponents, Adepti will use three Guizhong Ballistas to shoot Osial down.

Geo Traveler
Travelers need to defeat all enemies and seal the boss on the ocean bed again.

#1. Take advantage of the weather condition

Osial boss will cause rain in the area of battle, so you can take advantage of it to make enemies wet. Your direct opponents are Fatui. You can use the wet condition on the battleground to create many powerful reactions, such as Frozen, Vaporize, and Electro-Charged.

Make Use Of Weather
Make use of the wet weather condition to cause more powerful attacks.

#2. Try to use more elemental reactions

As the Fatui will appear continuously, you need to take them down as fast as possible. The elemental reactions will cause more DMG to Fatui and eliminate them faster. There are some Fatui using snow guns. You need to avoid their attack by freezing them with Frozen reactions.

Elemental Reactions
Make more elemental reactions to take enemies down quickly.

#3. Dash away from warning areas

When the Osial boss attacks players with water balls, you can see a red warning circle on the ground. You need to sprint and leave that warning area as fast as possible. Therefore, you should save your stamina and consume food that buffs the stamina of your characters.

Dash Away From The Warning Area
Dash away from the warning area of the Osial's attacks.

#4. Protect all three Guizhong Ballistas

These Guizhong Ballistas are the only weapons to defeat the Osial boss. Therefore, you have to protect them from opponents that Osial brings to the harbor. Like the Oceanid, this Hydro boss also counters you by releasing enemies. Don't let these enemies destroy any Ballistas. When all enemies are eliminated, Adepti will use Guizhong Ballistas to shoot Osial down and seal it on the ocean bed again.

Protect Allthree Guizhong Ballistas
Protect all three Guizhong Ballistas.

#5. Recommended team for Osial boss fight

As Osial causes a wet weather condition, you don't need to use a Hydro supporter. But you can choose Barbara to heal your team if needed. Besides, you should choose catalyst or melee weapon users for the tanker role. Here are some recommended characters for Osial boss fight.

  • DPS & Sub-DPS: Diluc, Klee, Hu Tao, Ganyu, Zhongli, Xiao. The Anemo DPS Xiao in Genshin Impact is the greatest choice for the DPS role because of his nimble movement when using his elemental skill.
  • Supporters: Diona, Venti, Geo Traveler, Keqing, Beidou.
Genshin Impact Osial Boss
Build a powerful team to defeat all enemies and seal this monster quickly.

You should build a powerful team of melee fighters to eliminate all enemies quickly. Those are all the boss details and how to defeat Osial Genshin Impact.

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