Genshin Impact Inazuma has around 21 luxurious chests with a lot of attractive rewards. However, many of them are hidden and difficult to find. Check out all hidden luxurious chest locations in Inazuma here.

#1. Konda Village

Konda village has a luxurious chest hidden in the bottom of an old well. Players will explore this well when doing the quest 'A strange story in Konda'. The exact location of the well is between Konda village and Byakko plain on Narukami Island.

The luxurious chest is locked in a chamber behind an Electro shield inside the secret cave under the well. Players have to summon an Electrogranum to cross the shield and enter the chamber. In the corner of the room, players can find a hidden luxurious chest.

Explore This Dry Well
Explore this dry well to find a hidden chest.

#2. Araumi Underground

In the broken tower in Araumi Ruin, players can find another hidden luxurious chest underground. However, you need to reach Sacred Sakura level 17. During the Cleansing Defilement world quest, players will explore the underground terrains below the broken town. You can find the luxurious chest and a hidden Electroculus inside a shielded chamber under the Ruin.

Explore This Broken Tower
Explore this broken tower and find a chest underground.

#3. Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates

When unlocking the domain Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates, players can also unlock a hidden luxurious chest after solving the second plate puzzle on the floor. The chest will appear right in front of the domain before you interact with the mechanism to unlock the domain.

Solve The Plate Puzzle
Solve the plate puzzle to get the chest and unlock the domain.

#4. Mt. Yougou (Relay Puzzle)

On Mt. Yougou, players need to solve the relay stone puzzle to obtain a luxurious chest. You have to use the Relay Stone to complete the Electro circuit. You take the given relay stone and use it to replace the Electro Seelie in the mid-air.

Then, make your character get an electric shock from the static relay stone to act as another relay stone. Next, glide to replace the Electro Seelie and stay in the mid-air to complete the puzzle and get the chest.

Complete Relay Stone Puzzle
Complete relay stone puzzle on Mt.Yougou

#5. Mt.Yougou Barrier

There is another hidden chest behind Grand Narukami Shrine in Mt.Yougou. However, you have to reach Sacred Sakura level 17 to go through the barrier. Genshin Impact travelers can't see the chest after entering the chamber. To make the chest spawn, you have to observe the fox statue behind the shrine with a memento lens.

Observe The Statue Through The Lens
Observe the statue through the lens

#6. Violet Court Island

After unlocking Violet Court domain, you can go to the small island of the domain to find a hidden chest. To make the chest appear, players need to destroy all pots on this island. Then, defeat the Nobushi Kikoubam boss guarding on the beach to obtain the hidden chest.

Destroy All Pots And Defeat The Guard
Destroy all pots and defeat the guard on the beach.

#7. Arsenal in Tatarasuna

There is a locked chest in the Arsenal in Tatarasuna. Players need to find three Keys to Some Place to open the gate of the Arsenal and obtain the chest. Here are three locations of the Key to Some Place in Inazuma:

  • Inside the Electro shield under the broken building in the northeast of Tatarasuna.
  • In a common chest placed on the broken wooden platform below the cliff. You go to the north to the teleport waypoint in the southeast of Tatarasuna and glide down. It's easy to see a common chest on the broken wooden bridge.
  • In the common chest placed on the rooftop of the broken house near Mikage Furnace.
Find Three Keys To Some Place
Find three Keys to Some Place to open the Arsenal gate.

After finding all keys, you can open the gate of Tatarasuna Arsenal. Remember to summon the Electrogranum and create the shield to protect your characters from the electric environment.

Those are the top 7 hidden chest locations in Genshin Impact Inazuma and how to obtain them. Other luxurious chests are easier to spot and unlock.

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