The new nation Inazuma has many new enemies. You have to defeat normal-type enemies when traversing and exploring this new nation. Here are all the normal bosses in Inazuma you need to know.

1. Mirror Maiden

This new boss spawns in all islands of Inazuma, including Narukami, Kannazuka, and Yashiori. Mirror Maiden is a Fatui mage who can control the Hydro Mirror in combat. She has three attacks and a teleportation skill that makes her one of the most dangerous bosses in Genshin Impact.

  • Continuous Mirror Attack: Mirror Maiden summons many shards to cause damage before splashing down on your characters.
  • Waterfall Attack: This boss causes significant damage with water.
  • Mirror Lock Attack: Her mirror will block your attack.

The Mirror Maiden boss will drop Dismal Prism, Crystal Prism (Level 40+), and Polarizing Prism (Level 60+). This is an essential ascension material for some characters.

Mirror Maiden boss Genshin Impact
Mirror Maiden in Inazuma

How To Defeat Mirror Maiden?

It's recommended to use a Pyro and a Cryo DPS with an Electro sub-DPS to defeat the Mirror Maiden. These elements can counter the Hydro attack of this mage. Besides, you should have both short and long-range characters in your team, but don't use Hydro DPS because Hydro bosses are often resistant to Hydro attacks.

Mirror Maiden Counter
Attack Mirror Maiden in short-range combat to defeat her.

2. Kairagi Bosses

There are two Kairagi bosses in Inazuma. They appear around the new nation.

Dancing Thunder

Kairagi Dancing Thunder has a higher spawn rate than Mirror Maiden. This new boss has four Electro attacks, including:

  • Three Hit Strike
  • Forward Thrust
  • Jumping Slash
  • Wide Slash

These bosses will drop the Handguard series to ascend many new characters in Inazuma, including Kamisato Ayaka.

Kairagi Bosses Genshin Impact
Two Kairagi bosses in Inazuma.

Fiery Might

Kairagi Fiery Might is a Pyro boss whose spawn rate is also high. His four attacks are totally similar to Dancing Thunder's attacks. However, they cause Pyro damage instead of Electro damage. When defeating these enemies, you also collect the Handguard series based on the boss level.

How To Defeat Kairagi bosses?

To defeat the two Kairagi bosses in Inazuma, you should use a melee DPS, such as Chongyun, Beidou, and Diluc. Besides, you should save stamina to sprint and dodge their powerful slash. Their attacks are predictable. So, you only need to move to their backs and attack them when they are charging to attack you.

Kairagi Bosses Counter
To defeat Kairagi Bosses, it's better to use melee fighters.

3. Nobushi Bosses

There are three types of Nobushi bosses in Inazuma, including Hitsukeban, Kikouban, and Jintouban. They also appear densely on all three islands of Inazuma. Besides, they often spawn in groups with all three types of Nobushi bosses.

Nobushi Boss Inazuma
Nobushi bosses are very common in Inazuma.


This sword user performs four attacks, including:

  • Forward Slash
  • Flame Powder Attack
  • Upward Slash
  • Downward Slash


This Electro boss switch between sword and bow. Therefore, he is pretty dangerous and versatile with three attacks, including:

  • Forward Slash
  • Crossbow Shot
  • Upward Slash
Nobushi Boss Genshin Impact
Nobushi bosses often appear together.


The last boss in Nobushi type is a swordsman. He has only two attacks, including:

  • Forward Slash
  • Upward Slash

Nobushi groups often guard around treasure chests and entrances of secret cellars. They are more dangerous than you think because a group of all Nobushi bosses can cover both short and long-range combat.

How To Defeat Nobushi bosses?

To defeat Nobushi bosses in Inazuma nation, you need both short-range and long-range characters in your party. Don't fall into the center of three bosses. You can use Frozen reactions to block one or two Nobushi bosses and defeat one by one. After freezing them, use the elemental skill of Electro or Pyro claymore characters to deal more damage to the enemies.

Defeat Nobushi Bosses Genshin Impact
Use both short and long-range characters to counter Nobushi bosses.

4. Electro Samachurl

Electro Samachurl is another new boss in Genshin Impact 2.0. This boss is more dangerous than the bosses who use swords to fight. It can summon powerful lightning to stun and kill your characters. Electro Samachurl has three attacks, including:

  • Lightning Strike
  • Electro Totem Pole
  • Electro Resonance

All of its Electro attacks are deadly if you cannot dodge them. After defeating this boss, you can receive different Scrolls and Masks.

Electro Samachurl boss Genshin Impact
Electro Samachurl is another new boss in Genshin Impact 2.0.

How To Defeat Electro Samachurl?

First and foremost, you need to dodge its attacks. To prevent Electro Samachurl from attacking you, freeze it with Frozen reactions of Hydro supporter and Cryo DPS. Then, use a Pyro sub-DPS to break its shield before eliminating it totally. After breaking its shield, it's easier to kill this Samachurl. But you need to do it immediately before it recreates another shield.

Those are all new normal-type bosses in Inazuma after update 2.0. Level up your character when your world's level increases.

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