Inazuma has six domains scattered around the map. Each domain has different rewards, such as artifacts, ascension materials, talent materials, and more. Here are all locations, rewards, and how to unlock these Genshin Impact domains in Inazuma.

#1. Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates

You can find the one-time domain Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates in Araumi on Narukami Island. But it's an underwater domain. It has a lot of attractive rewards, including Primogems, EXP, Electro Sigil, Morning Dew's Moment set, Guide to Transience, Hero's Wits, Mystic Ore, and a lot of Mora.

Empty Boat Of Thousand Gates Domain
Empty Boat Of Thousand Gates location.

How to unlock?

To unlock the Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates, players need to solve some puzzles and find three amulets. Follow these steps to unlock this domain.

  • Firstly, complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest to obtain Memento Lens.
  • Go to the location of this domain.
  • Activate Electro Monuments to open the gate and access the underground labyrinth by using three Memento Lens to scan at three Earth Kitsune.
  • Solve the spinning cube puzzles to drain water inside the cave.
  • Get deeper into the cave. On the way, you will encounter a lot of enemies but you can run away to find the two next floor puzzles.
  • After solving two plate puzzles on the floor, you can unlock the domain.

It's one of the three hardest domains in Inazuma to unlock. But after unlocking this domain, you can use it as a teleport waypoint to travel between this domain and the mainland quickly.

#2. Violet Court

Violet Court is one of the three easiest domains in Inazuma to unlock that appear on the ground. You can find this domain on Narukami Island in the West of Inazuma City. It's located between Inazuma Region and Kujou Encampment. This domain is easy to spot when traversing Inazuma.

Violet Court Location
Violet Court location.

The domain rewards include Adventure EXP, Mora, Companionship EXP, and Transience talent material set. Base on the level of challenge, you will get different items of Transience talent material set from this domain. To unlock Violet Court, players only need to go to the location of this domain and touch to unlock it easily.

Violet Court Rewards
Violet Court levels and rewards.

#3. Shakkei Pavilion

Shakkei Pavilion is another difficult domain to unlock in Tatarasuna on Kannazuka Island. It's placed underground. This domain rewards players with Primogems, EXP, Electro Sigil, Guide to Elegance, Hero's Wits, Mystic Ore, and Capricious Visage.

How to unlock?

  • Complete Tatara Tales world quest and unlock Kamuijima Cannon.
  • Teleport to the Waverider Waypoint in the East of Tatarasuna shore.
  • Summon a nearby Electrogranum to activate the cannon.
  • Use the cannon to shoot the stone rubble outside the domain until you see a yellow flash.
  • Ride a Waverider to reach the location of the domain and touch the gate to unlock it.
Shakkei Pavilion Location And Rewards
Shakkei Pavilion location and rewards.

#4. Court Of Flowing Sand

It's very easy to unlock the domain Court Of Flowing Sand on Mt. Yougou, Narukami Island. You only need to get to the right place of the domain marked on the minimap and interact with the door to open it.

The domain rewards on different weekdays are not the same. For example, players can farm different Coral Branches on Mondays and Thursdays. On Tuesday and Friday, you can farm Narukami's Wisdom. On Wednesday and Saturday, the domain grants winners Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant.

Court Of Flowing Sand
Court Of Flowing Sand location.

#5. Formation Estate

Formation Estate is located in Jakotsu Mine on Yashiori Island. It grants players the same reward set as the Shakkei Pavilion except for Guide to Light and Hopeful Heart. Follow these steps to unlock this domain in Inazuma.

How to unlock?

  • Complete the Orobashi's Legacy Quest to stop the rain in this area.
  • Follow the Seelie outside the domain and light up 4 torches.
  • Activate the cube mechanism in the middle and interact with the gate of the domain to unlock it.
Formation Estate Domain
Formation Estate domain location.

#6. Momiji-Dyed Court

The last domain Momiji-Dyed Court in Inazuma is very easy to unlock. You can easily find it on Yashiori Island. Players can unlock it by touching the gate of the domain. Momiji-Dyed Court is a great domain to farm artifacts in Genshin Impact. Apart from Mora, Adventure EXP, and Companionship EXP, players can get many pieces of artifacts:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate set
  • Shimenawa's Reminiscence set.
  • Tiny Miracle set.
  • Resolution of Sojourner set.
Momiji Dyed Court Domain Rewards
Momiji-Dyed Court domain rewards.

The higher level of the domain you challenge, the better rewards you can obtain. After unlocking these domains in Inazuma, build a proper team with recommended elements to complete and farm materials.

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