Electro Hypostasis, an elemental boss in Genshin Impact, is quite tough to beat as it tackles the power of lightning. However, there’s always a solution to everything. So take a look at how to defeat Electro Hypostasis as well as where to find it and the best character to use.

Where to find Electro Hypostasis

The Electro Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact can be found in Cape Oath which is close to the Eagle’s Gate domain. Players can see the exact spot in the Traveler Guide book or directly on the map once they have discovered it.

Electro Hypostasis Location
Electro Hypostasis location

How to defeat Electro Hypostasis

1. Best team against Electro Hypostasis boss fight

As this boss is Electro’s elemental embodiment, all attacks locked against it will generate an Electro-based reaction. That means you should use the characters who own high damage and can profit from the Superconduct or Overloaded reactions:

  • Klee
  • Diluc
  • Chongyun
  • Ganyu

Avoid using Keqing or Fischl as their attacks won’t have much effect on the Electro Hypostasis.

How To Defeat Electro Hypostasis
Characters like Ganyu, Klee.. are the best to fight this boss.

2. How to beat Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Remember that the Electro Hypostasis only takes damage when the core is shown. Before it exposes its score, it will start throwing different attacks from the get-go.

Hence, the general method to defeat Electro Hypostasis is to avoid its attacks and stay close to strike the core until it is out in the open. Repeat the process a number of times and the boss will be taken down.

Here are the Electro Hypostasis boss’s attacks and how you can avoid them:

  • Missiles: The hostile boss creates a diamond shape with the shell before launching its piece at you. You can easily move away to avoid them.
  • Clap: Using its shell, the boss forms a wall and claps the two halves together. As it deals damage in the middle, dodge to one of the sides to avoid it.
  • Drill: The Electro Hypostasis transforms into a drill flying across the arena. You should sprint to the side to duck.
  • Rock, Scissors, Paper: With this attack, it will fly next to the player before launching three different attacks as a fist, scissors, and a flat "hand". You may dodge these attacks by dashing behind the boss before each one.
  • Cage: You will be surrounded by a barrier made of Electro energy and it also fires lightning strikes around you. Escape this cage before it comes in full form by sprinting towards the first appearing pillar.
  • Tremors: Electro Hypostasis will move to the arena center and send consecutive shockwaves out around the zone. Dodge these by moving between them carefully.
  • Rotating Lasers: The boss uses its shell to make a ring and launch four lasers rotating around the arena. Players can run in a circle to dodge the lasers or approach the boss whose core is open until this attack ends.
  • Rebirth: The boss will move to the center and create 3 Electro Prisms when it has a roughly remaining 5-10% HP. Some seconds later, it will absorb the prisms and regain health for each Prism absorbed. You need to destroy the prisms before the Electro Hypostasis consumes them.
How To Dodge Electro Hypostasis Attack
Dodging Electro Hypostasis' attacks

The Prisms can take only Elemental Damage which makes Catalyst players or characters like Chongyun and Diluc the best choices to destroy them.

Other than fighting Electro Hypostasis, you can also check the guide to defeating Miasmic Tumor or even La Signora Boss.

Rewards for defeating Electro Hypostasis boss

It costs 40 Original Resin for the Electro Hypostasis to open its rewards.

You will get Lightning Prisms, Electro Character Ascension materials, as well as artifacts from these sets: Instructor, Berserker, Gladiator's Finale, Lucky Dog, Prayers for Wisdom, and Wanderer's Troupe.

Electro Hypostasis Rewards
Electro Hypostasis rewards

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