Genshin Impact crystal marrow is a new material in Inazuma that you need to ascend many new characters. Check out where to find crystal marrows Genshin Impact here.

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow Locations

Crystal Marrow can be found in the wild in Inazuma. It often spawns in mountains. Serpent's Head on Yashiori Island is the most recommended location to farm Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact.

Here are all locations where you can farm Crystal Marrows in Inazuma:

  • In the North of Tatarasuna mountain on Kanazuha Island. The spawn rate of this material on this mountain is pretty high.
  • Around Fujikabuto Fort on Yashiori Island.
  • Musoujin Gorge
  • Along the east and southeast of Yashiori Island.
Crystal Marrow Locations
All crystal marrow locations in Inazuma.

Crystal Marrow does not spawn on Nakurami Island. Its spawn rate is highest on Yashiori Island. Therefore, you need to go to the west to farm this crystal. Yashiori Island has a long Genshin Impact crystal marrow farm route on the eastern edge from the Musoujin Gorge to Yakostu Mine.

Crystal Marrow In The Wild
Crystal Marrow only spawns in the wild in Inazuma.

Uses Of Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow

Crystal Marrow is an important ascension material in Genshin Impact. You need this material to level up some characters in Inazuma, such as Sayu and Aloy. Up to now, there is no weapon that needs this material for enhancement. Sayu and Aloy are coming to the game soon. Therefore, you should collect this material from now to ascend them after obtaining these characters.

Genshin Impact Sayu
You need Crystal Marrows to ascend Sayu.

You need will a lot of Crystal Marrows to ascend new characters. Aloy will be given away to all Genshin Impact players for free in the next update. Therefore, you should collect as many crystals as possible when exploring Yashiori and Kanazuha islands. After being collected, this material will respawn after two or three days in real-world time for other farming trips.

Genshin Impact Aloy
Genshin Impact Aloy needs Crystal Marrows as ascension material.

Apart from character ascension, Genshin Impact players also need Crystal Marrows to complete the world quest of Choji - Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away. Players need to wait for the day reset. Then, go to Chouji's home and give him 12 Crystal Marrows. You can find this kid around the Shrine in Inazuma city or on the road in Tatarasuna.

Genshin Impact Chouji Quest
You also need to give Crystal Marrow to Chouji to complete this quest and collect a luxurious chest.

How To Collect Crystal Marrow?

It's very easy to collect Crystal Marrows. These crystals 'grow' and sticks to stones. You only need to go to the Crystal Marrow locations on the map, then pick all the crystals up like you pick up flowers or vegetables in the wild. You can also mark these spots on the mini-map to come back and collect them the next time.

Those are all locations where to find crystal marrows Genshin Impact. This exclusive material is very necessary for character level-up, especially after you obtain a free 5-star character next update.

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