Genshin Impact is deemed as one of the best RPG games with lush environments and graphics. And similar to every RPG, this game also includes many boss fights that can pose quite a challenge for players. Along with La Signora boss fight, the Miasmic Tumor is arguably one of the most difficult boss fights in Genshin Impact. It has a high level and has strong attacks that are not easy to dodge.

In fact, beating the Miasmic Tumor is the last chapter in the quest series as part of Inazuma’s Yougou Cleansing Ritual quest. The fight is a tricky process for the layers of separate phases. So for those who want to how to defeat Miasmic Tumor in Genshin Impact and save the Sacred Sakura from the pollution, here’s where everything is unfolded.

Miasmic Tumor Genshin Impact
Conquering Miasmic Tumor is considered a tricky mission in Genshin Impact.

How to defeat Miasmic Tumor in Genshin Impact

There are 3 phases you need to complete in Miasmic Tumor boss fight. For each phase, the procedure is the same: defeat samurai, solve puzzles and lighten up the monuments.

Phase 1

Drop down on the tumor and a quick cutscene will come into existence. And the match begins.

  • Players need to first defeat the red shadowy samurai that the tumor created before directly fighting it. As this is a Pyro kind of enemy, a Genshin Impact Hydro character above level 88 can do the mission (Xingqiu, Barbara, Mona, Tartaglia).
  • After beating the samurai, solve a puzzle before destroying the tumor. A light pentagram shall show up near a shrine indicating the monument to brighten from 1 to 5.
  • Summon an electrogram and lit up the monuments following this order: one swirl in the bottom mid, two with the bottom right, three in the top right, four on the bottom left, and five with the top left.

The tumor will drop down when you finish that. Players will deal about ¼ damage to it.

Miasmic Tumor Monument
Light up the monument following this swirl instruction.

Phase 2

Move on to phase 2 of the Miasmic Tumor fight. The stubborn tumor will now be back on the tree and drop a purple samurai down this time.

  • As the samurai is an Electro, you can make use of any Pyro or Hyro based characters in the game such as Xiangling, Diluc, Amber, Bennett...
  • Another pattern will need to be solved after the purple samurai has been taken down. The tumor would fire dark fireballs at you when you deal with the puzzle. Therefore, make sure to constantly move.
  • Get the monuments to lighten up step by step: 1 swirl on bottom mid, 2 on the bottom left, 3 on the top left, 4 on the bottom right, and 5 on the top right.
Defeat Miasmic Tumor Genshin Impact Phase 2
Beating the purple Samurai firsthand.

Phase 3

At the last stage of defeating Miasmic Tumor in Genshin Impact, it will summon both purple and red samurai to battle with you.

  • As you have outlasted them both, solve the last puzzle as quickly as possible because the tumor will keep on attacking you with fireballs.
  • Afterward, light the monuments up with this order: 1 swirl on the bottom mid, 2 on the bottom left and bottom right, and 3 on the top left and top right.
  • Then, you should be able to deal the prevailing damage to the boss.

Mission complete! You succeeded in beating the tumor.

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