Like Anemoculus in Monstadt and Geoculus in Liyue, Electroculus in Inazuma is also scattered around the map. However, there are some hidden Electroculus to collect in this new land.

#1. Eastern Shore Of Jakotsu Mine

The first hidden Electroculus in Genshin Impact is in the East of Jakotsu Mine on Yashiori Island. A lot of players often ignore this location and rarely explore this shore. There are some Treasure Hoarders guarding around a small cave in which Travelers can find a hidden Electroculus. After entering the cave, you need to find a suspicious crack on the wall by heading to the location of the Electroculus marked on the minimap.

East Of Jakotsu Mine
You can find a hidden cave with an Electroculus inside.

#2. Southeast Of Serpent's Head

The second hidden Electroculus can be found in the Southeast of Serpent's Head on Yashiori Island. The item is hidden in a cave underground. You will find a small opening in a crack of big boulders on the path to the center of the cave. Follow that opening to get the hidden Electroculus and a Seelie there.

Serpents Head A Hidden Electroculus
Serpent's Head's hidden Electroculus.

#3. Northeast Of Tatarasuna

In the Northeast of Tararasuna offshore Kannazuka island, there is a hidden Electroculus that most Genshin Impact players ignore because of its remote location. You need a Waverider to reach that tiny island in the Northeast from Tatarasuna beach. Apart from the hidden Electroculus, Travelers also find a secluded shipwreck.

Hidden Electroculus
You can find a hidden Electroculus offshore Kannazuka island.

#4. South Of Araumi

In the depths of Araumi, Travelers can find a mysterious shield covering a small chamber. Players need to find a Thunder Sakura Bough around this chamber. Then, summon an Electrogranum to go through the shield and enter the chamber. You can get a hidden Electroculus and a luxurious chest in that chamber. However, if you don't have the Electrogranum, you cannot go through the shield.

#5. West Of Chinju Forest

Some Electroculus in Inazuma is locked inside hidden caves. You can see them when exploring Inazuma. One of these locked items is located in the West of Chinju forest on Narukami Island. When you visit this forest, you can find a small pond and a locked gate under the cliff.

Looking through the metal gate of the prison, players can easily see an Electroculus inside. However, to collect this item from the jail, you have to find the Rust Worn Key and unlock the gate. Players can find this key in Konda Village's Well.

Locked Electroculus
Some Electroculus in Inazuma is locked inside hidden caves.

#6. Between Serpent's Head And Jakotsu Mine

There is another hidden Electroculus located between Serpent's Head and Jakotsu Mine. This item is also locked inside an underground jail by a big metal gate. You need to swim along a water path underground to enter the cave. Use the Rust Worn Key you acquired from exploring Konda Village's Well to unlock the jail and obtain the hidden Electroculus in Genshin Impact.

Open The Gate
Open the gate to enter the cave and collect the hidden Electroculus between Serpent's Head and Jakotsu Mine.

Those are some hidden Electroculus in Genshin Impact that are harder to obtain. But don't ignore them because you need more Electroculus to level up the Statue of Seven in Inazuma.

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