Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion is a returning event for returnees before the coming of the next update. It allows players to get a lot of attractive rewards, including the 4-star weapon Prototype Rancour and more. Check out all details of this event here.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Event Eligibility

'Stellar Reunion' is a special event for returnees in Genshin Impact. Therefore, not all players can join this event. Players who meet these requirements are eligible to take part in this event and get rewards.

  • Players need to reach Adventure Rank level 10 and above.
  • They haven't logged into the game for 14 days before the date of the event.
  • It's over 45 days since these players joined a previous Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion.
Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion
This is a returning event for Genshin Impact returnees.

'Stellar Reunion' is a periodical returning event that is often launched before a new update. This 'Stellar Reunion' will be available from August 23rd, 2021 till before the Version 2.1 update. Moreover, in this new 'Stellar Reunion' event, the duration will be extended for further 7 days after the update release date. However, you cannot activate this event during the maintenance day of Version 2.1.

Stellar Reunion Event Missions

During 7 days of the Stellar Reunion event, players need to log into the game and complete many event missions to collect points and exchange for rewards. There are three types of missions with different requirements and rewards: passage of time, homeward path and reunion blessing.

#1. Passage of Time

Passage of Time is the easiest mission in Stellar Reunion Event: login missions. You only need to remember to log into the game during 7 days of the event to get rewards. It's similar to the Login event Seize the Day.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Rewards
The Passage of Time is a login event.

#2. Homeward Path

Homeward Path's mission set includes further daily quests. It's pretty similar to Battle Pass daily missions. After complete a mission, Genshin Impact travelers will receive a number of points. Here are all event missions of Homeward Path you need to know and prepare to complete.

  • Log in (10 points)
  • Complete 4 Daily Commissions (10 points).
  • Use 100 Original Resin (20 points).
  • Cook 3 Dishes (10 points).
  • Forge 3 Items (10 points).
  • Defeat boss enemy 1 Time (20 points).
  • Defeat a Ruin Guard, Electro Cicin Mage, or Anemoboxer Vanguard Once (20 points).

Each day, players will get 100 points from these 7 missions. Therefore,  you must complete all daily missions every day to get 700 points in 7 days of the event period. Don't miss this chance to obtain a 4-star sword for free.

Keep in mind that you can only unlock daily Homeward Path missions after the first 4 days of 'Stellar Reunion'. If you don't log into the game within these 4 days, you cannot unlock these quests to complete and obtain rewards anymore.

Homeward Path
Homeward Path gives players additional missions to complete and collect points.

#3. Reunion Blessing

Reunion Blessing is a bonus chance that gives players double drops during Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion. In specific, players will get double rewards from defeating bosses in the Blossoms of Wealth and Blossoms of Revelation.

Moreover, the Domain's drops are also doubled when you use Original Resin. In total, each player has 21 opportunities to get double drops in 7 days. These opportunities also refresh every day at server reset during this event.

Reunion Blessing
Reunion Blessing is a bonus chance that gives players double drops.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Rewards

The rewards of Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion event are divided into four sets: reunion rewards, passage of time rewards, homeward path rewards and reunion blessing rewards.

Reunion rewards

Eligible players can claim Reunion rewards only once in the event period. The reward set for Reunion includes:

  • 100 Primogems.
  • 5 Hero's With books.
  • A Fragile Resin.
  • 80,000 Mora.
  • 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Apart from these Reunion rewards, you all get more attractive rewards from three mentioned parts of the event, such as Passage of Time, Homeward Path, and Reunion Blessing.

Reunion Rewards
Reunion Rewards include a lot of Primogems, Mora, and high-standard materials.

Passage of Time rewards

During the Passage of Time login event, returnees get a lot of Primogems, Mora, Fragile Resin, Hero's Wit books, and Mystic Enhancement Ore. You can meet the requirements and collect these items like a piece of cake. It's a great chance to farm Primogerms in Genshin Impact.

Homeward Path rewards

Players will get a set of rewards after complete each quest of Homeward Path, such as Adventurer's Experience books, Hero's Wit books, Mondstadt Hash Brown, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Mora.

When you collect enough 700 points after the 7-day duration of the event, you will be granted the 4-star sword Prototype Rancour. This sword increases your ATK and DEF by 4% for 6s when using Normal or Charged Attacks. Your character will be stronger with the Physical DMG bonus.

Prototype Rancour
Prototype Rancour is the best reward in the Homeward Path portion.

Reunion Blessing rewards

Eligible players have three opportunities to double drops when using Original Resin after defeating a Domain, a Blossoms of Wealth, a Blossoms of Revelation every day in the event. However, this chance only works for the three first Original Resin of the day. From the fourth Resin, you get the normal amount of drops.

Blossoms Of Wealth
Eligible players also receive double drops by when defeating Blossoms Of Wealth once a day.

Those are all about Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion in update 2.0. Don't miss this great chance to farm Primogems, Mora, and a lot of materials.

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