Klee looks like a bundle of joy but she can also be an implosive bomb at the same time. Usually throwing highly destructive explosives with incautious abandon, she is the perfect choice for the roster if you love seeing things in flames.

The little girl holds an undefeated power and our Klee Genshin Impact guide will instruct you to build her.

Klee 2
Klee Genshin Impact age, best build, powers... all revealed below!

Strengths of Klee in Genshin Impact

Ever wondered why Klee is a sought-after character in the game? Before getting to the best Klee Genshin Impact build, take a look at her evaluation and all will be clear.

Being an AoE mid-ranged attacker and a 5-star character, Klee uses throwing bombs as her primary offensive tool. While it seems somewhat slow, it has an AoE component and is also ranged. Players can stay a bit apart from foes and hit lots of them simultaneously.

1. Strong Elemental Skill

The Elemental Skill she has is called Jumpy Dumpty which is a huge bomb thrown at opponents. The player can use 2 bombs maximum to make enemies flinch and blow them away.

This skill shouts big edges when you want some distance between a foe and you.

2. High potential with 2nd & 4th Constellations

She may not perform the best with 0 Constellation, but things are different with Limit Break on levels 2 and 4.

She can unlock the talent to lower enemies’ defense as well as unleash an extremely great offensive buff. This makes her insanely powerful support with even more damage.

Klee Loves Explosion
Her power is much more insane than how she looks on the outside.

3. Display Local Specialties on the map

With Genshin Impact Klee in your team, she can display Mondstadt's local specialties on the minimap. This is super useful when you have to collect weekly specialties for Battle Pass.

Genshin Impact Klee build

This little toddler is an expert at one thing and there is naturally one build that would work for her skill set. Each item for Klee’s DPS build will be able to cause a large amount of Pyro-based effect damage area if her charged attack is spammed.

1. Best weapon

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is among the top weapons for Klee. It gives Klee the Boundless Blessing and ups her Crit rate by 7.2%. This leads to her speed of movement increasing by 10 percent and the bonus of an extra 8% elemental damage per 4 seconds in battle.

As a 5-star weapon, it may be hard to come by especially for its sole availability in gacha system. That’s why you can make Skyward Atlas or Solar Pearl a substitution.

Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds Klee
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is the best weapon for Klee.

2. Best artifact set

Klee Genshin Impact best build names Crimson Witch of Flames as the best artifact set. With two equipped items, the Pyro damage is up by 15%. With 4 items equipped, there are boosts in many effects such as 40% overloaded and burning damage; 15% melt and vaporize damage.

On another hand, the Gladiator’s Finale also makes for a general attack buff of 18 percent.

Klee Crimson Witch Of Flames
Crimson Witch of Flames

3. Best team

Klee has one of the most damage potentials with her charged and normal attacks. She will work the best in the role of damage and that’s for sure. The best team comp for Klee can be as below:

Klee Barbara
Klee makes a good team with Barbara.

Genshin Impact Klee banner

The child is tiny but terrific with incredible powers passed down from her popular adventurer mother. Having Klee is recommended for players who have yet had a Pyro DPS. Can you unlock Klee in Genshin Impact? Only via gacha pulls.

After a long time of absence, Klee's re-run banner came back in June 2021 along with the feature of Sucrose, Barbara, and Fischl. However, it has ended at the moment and you will need to wait for another period till the next one.

Meanwhile, you can take note of these tips to get Klee until then. To absolutely get Klee, you need a maximum amount of either 180 Wishes or 28,800 Primogems.

Remember that players only need this much in case they lost a 50/50 on the first attempt. Those who enter without encountering a 50/50 only need 90 wishes or 14,400 Primogems.

Fun facts about Klee

1. Klee Genshin Impact age

In Genshin Impact, things are not always what they look like and an instance is Qiqi who is in fact 100+ years old despite looking like a child. That’s probably why players have got questions for how old Klee is.

Well, Klee is about 8-10 years old and that is her actual age. In part due to how young Klee is, she can be naive and confused at times by out-of-context topics.

Klee Drawing
The kid is only 8 to 10 years old.

2. Is Klee Jean's daughter?

Some players have assumed Klee as Jean’s daughter, but she is instead the daughter of adventurer Alice. They also thought Klee was related to Diluc for how similar their appearances are. She shares an affinity with Albedo.

Meanwhile, her small elf-like look made her appear like a half-elf. However, the fact is she is only an ordinary human with a few "genetic differences."

Klee Jean
Klee is close to Jean, but not her daughter.

Now that Klee is no more a big mystery, you can move on to exploring more characters in Genshin Impact as well as other games. Just make sure to stay tuned with Gurugamer.com for the best updates!

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