Genshin Impact Inazuma has eventually showcased its strength. The new island chains released with the 2.1 update included some challenging bosses. Among these two world bosses, Thunder Manifestation seems to be more notorious.

Any player who has fought it will consider that it is similar to Electro Hypostasis, only more fatal, more furious, and more menacing. Here’s everything you should know about defeating Thunder Manifestation Genshin Impact.

Thunder Manifestation Boss
We have all the strategies you need in order to beat the Thunder Manifestation boss.

Where to find Thunder Manifestation

The Thunder Manifestation locates on Seirai Island, on the platform that created high up in the air. This boss fight will not be available until the Seirai Stormchasers quest ends.

You can obtain the quest from Katherine at Inazuma Adventurer's Guild. She will then send you to Seirai to assist two adventurers to clear up the ranging storm on the island.

With some dialog and a number of easy puzzles, players will make the Thunder Manifestation area to create in the air. Apart from following the waypoint close by, you will have to fight the Thunder Manifestation for the first time to complete this quest.

Thunder Manifestation
Seirai Island is where this boss locates.

How to defeat Thunder Manifestation Genshin Impact

Once the player has managed to unlock Thunder Manifestation, they can battle anytime they want. The boss can be a tad irritating to cope with as it has aggressive attacks and will aim directly at you. To defeat Thunder Manifestation, you have to focus on how to deal with its powerful moves as well as choosing the most suitable team composition.

1. Thunder Manifestation capabilities

  • Electro square: As it will follow the player on the field, you need to continuously run away from the attack. Its massive damage can quickly defeat your character if trapped inside.
  • Electro walls: Watch out as the boss will summon two separate electro walls that instantly close in on you. Your character can be killed easily if hit by both of those and touching either of them can lead to large damage.
  • Diving: The boss usually dives towards the player twice in a row. A box would also appear that unveils its trajectory. Make sure to avoid the boss when it does the diving.
Thunder Manifestation Guide
Knowing its moves and having suitable team members will get you to win.

Moreover, this boss can send for lighting to strike the arena, has an AoE attack and multiple ranged attacks. What you will want to focus on is dodging and striking on the Thunder Manifestation after it has done attacking you.

2. Recommended characters

The best Genshin Impact characters you need to defeat Thunder Manifestation are Pyro and Cryo characters. Yoimiya, Eula, and Ganyu will be the excellent picks for the fight.

Thunder Manifestation Ganyu
Pyro and Cryo characters are the most recommended.

Meanwhile, one way that players can make the boss fight pass much faster is to fight the boss in co-op. While one player takes on the aggro, the other will focus on hitting the boss and damaging it. Make sure to use food and Insulation Potions to nullify some damage if possible.

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