Genshin Impact Amakumo peak puzzle on Seirai Island is a big question to many players now. However, you need to remove the Balethunder around the Amakumo peak in the center of the island first. Check out this full guide on how to solve the Amakumo peak puzzle on Seirai Island here.

Seirai Island
Amakumo peak on Seirai Island.

Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak Puzzle

Amakumo Peak is a new locked location on Seirai Island in Genshin Impact 2.1. After solving the puzzle at the peak of Amakumo on Seirai Island, you can drain the water in the central lake. You have to complete the Seirai Stormchasers Quest series before solving these puzzles. To drain the water, you need to solve a floor puzzle and many underground puzzles.

1. Floor Puzzle

After completing all four parts of the quest series, players will glide to the center of the peak. There, you can see many glowing floors. You need to light up the tiles in the center, top right, top left, and bottom right corner when you face the stone. After the floor puzzle is solved, you can contact the cube puzzle. Tap on the Start button to drain water in the lake.

Genshin Impact Amakumo Floor Puzzle
Solve the floor puzzle.

2. Underground Puzzles

After draining water in the large, you can see a hole in the middle. Glide to enter the underground chamber to solve more puzzles.

  • Defeat the mobs to unlock two cube mechanisms and treasures.
  • Interact with the cube to drain water in the hole.
  • Explore the bottom of the hole and defeat mobs to get the treasures.
  • Then, you need to complete the color puzzle to continue to drain water in the hole and go deeper. Start the red cube mechanism and follow the Seelie.
  • Star the yellow cube, then red mechanism cubes downstairs to remove the shields and enter the secret rooms.
  • Interact with the red cube then the yellow cube and follow Seelie to find the way.
  • Then, players need to interact with mechanisms in the right color order: red > blue > yellow. After that, the last amount of water is removed.
  • Next, follow Seelie and get your treasure at the bottom of the hole.
Follow Seelie And Solve Color Puzzles
After entering the hole, follow Seelie and solve color puzzles.

Those are all steps to solve the color puzzle underground of the Amakumo Peak. During the challenge, you need to defeat a lot of mobs. Therefore, you need to form a powerful team. Besides, you can open a lot of treasure boxes.

Unlock Seirai Island Center

Before solving the Genshin Impact Amakumo peak puzzle, players have to unlock the peak by removing the Balethunder here. To remove Balethunder, you need to complete the Seirai Stormchasers Quest series. Here are all steps to complete this big quest.

Remove The Balethunder
Complete the Seirai Stormchasers Quest series to remove Balethunder.

1. Unlock the quest

Go to see Katheryne in Inazuma City to talk about the quest. Make sure that you have completed the  Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1. Next, talk to the cat in the isolated shrine on Seirai Island and collect materials to fix the offering box.

Repair The Offering Box
Repair the offering box for the Neko.

2. Complete Warding Stone Puzzles

From parts 1 to 4, you talk to Taisuke and Eiko at the quest locations. Defeat enemies or Summon Electrogranum to glide and find the location of Warding Stones and Paper Charm Hangers.

  • In each part of the quest series, you need to find a Warding Stone and three Paper Charm Hangers.
  • Touch three Paper Charm Hangers first.
  • Rotate the top stones and bottom stones so that three couple of the paper charms light up.
Warding Stone Puzzle
Solve the Warding Stone puzzle.

Tips: Follow these guidelines to sold the Warding Stone puzzle:

  • In the first stone, rotate the bottom twice.
  • In the second stone, rotate the top three times.
  • Rotating the top three times, then the bottom five times to unseal the third stone.
  • In the last stone, rotate the top twice, then rotate the bottom twice.
Rotate The Stone
Rotate the stone in the right order.

3. Defeat Thunder Manifestation

From the location of the fourth Warding Stone, glide to locate and fight Thunder Manifestation boss. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Unlike the Oceanid, Thunder Manifestation does not summon any creatures on the battlefield. Therefore, you only need to focus your attacks on the body of this boss.

After defeating Thunder Manifestation, you can complete the Seirai Stormchasers quest series and remove the Balethunder on Amakumo peak. Then, go to the peak and complete the Genshin Impact Amakumo peak puzzle.

Thunder Manifestation
Defeat Thunder Manifestation to complete the quest.

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