Time And Wind is a world quest in a hidden place Mondstadt. It's pretty difficult to find the location and complete this quest. Therefore, you may need a full guide on how to unlock Time And Wind Genshin Impact and complete this quest to get a lot of attractive rewards.

Time And Wind Quest Guide
The Genshin Impact hidden quest Time and Wind poses lots of challenges to beginners.

I. Time And Wind Genshin Impact Location

The world quest Time and Wind will start on a Nameless Island in Mondstadt. Players need to find a way to reach this island and read the Ragged Notebook hidden here. To unlock Time And Wind, players need to reach the Adventure Rank level 35.

The location of this hidden quest is far from the mainland of Mondstadt. Therefore, players have to glide from the highest point of Starsnatch Cliff to the island or freeze the water surface to walk to the hidden island. It's also the hardest part of this quest. If your stamina is too low, you cannot reach the island.

Time And Wind Location
Time and Wind is located on a Nameless Island in Mondstadt.

II. Time And Wind Genshin Impact Quest Steps

There are some objectives that players have to complete to go through the quest Time and Wind. Besides, you also need some tips and tricks to complete this quest effectively and fast.

Time And Wind quest walkthrough

To complete Time and Wind Genshin Impact world quest, you need to do some steps below.

  • Head to the nameless island by freezing the water surface with Cryo characters or glide to the island from the peak of Starsnatch Cliff.
  • Find the Ragged Notebook and interact with it. You can find the book on the south end of the island. It's hidden under a breakable rock.
Ragged Notebook
Here is the location of the Ragged Notebook on the nameless island.
  • Investigate by observing the shadow of the sundial on this island. You need to do this objective between 2:00 – 5:00.
Time And Wind
Players need to observe the shadow of the sundial on this island.
  • Use the Elemental Sight to follow the magical trails and reach the first Cluster of Wind. Use the elemental skill of an Anemo character to disperse it. Then, continue to find three other wind clusters around the island and disperse them.
  • Scatter the deposit of wind. You need to stand in the central stone circle of the island. An Eye of the Storm will be summoned. You have to defeat this boss.
Cluster Of Wind
Seek the first Clusters of Wind around the island and disperse them.
  • After you make Eye of the Storm's HP decrease by 20%, this boss will try to escape towards the Temple of the Wolf in Mondstadt. Use the wind rings to follow and defeat it. You also need to change the time to between 02:00 – 05:00 and find 3 wind clusters by using the Elemental Sight to disperse them.
  • Talk to Henry Morton after defeating the Eye of the Storm.

After reporting the Time And Wind quest to Henry Morton, Genshin Impact players will get rewards.

Defeat The Eye Of Storm
You need to defeat the Eye Of Storm after interacting with the central stone circle.

Tips & tricks to complete Time And Wind

Some objectives of the quest are pretty hard to complete. Here are some tips and tricks for Genshin Impact players to go through these difficulties during the quest.

  • To glide to the nameless island, you need to expand your stamina. Try to upgrade the Statue of Seven to levels 9 and above.
  • If you choose to freeze water to travel to the island, you should choose a Cyro character, such as Kaeya, Chongyun, or Kamisato Ayaka.
Freeze Water
Use Cryo characters to freeze water and travel to the nameless island.
  • You need at least one Anemo character in your team. If you do Time And Wind Genshin Impact without Venti, you can choose the Anemo Traveler, Jean, Kaedehara Kazuha, Xiao, Sayu, or Sucrose.
  • Use the clock to change the time quickly. Then, you don't need to wait until the next day in the game.
  • Use long-range characters who use bows and catalysts to fight the Eye of Storm when it flies up to the sky.
Genshin Impact
You need at least one Anemo character to complete this quest.

III. Time And Wind Genshin Impact Rewards

After completing the Time and Wind world quest, players will receive many attractive rewards, including:

  • Adventure EXP ×500.
  • Primogem ×60.
  • Hero's Wit ×4.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6.
  • Mora ×60000.

Besides, there are some chests around the nameless island to open and loot, including a Luxurious Chest behind the sundial, two Exquisite Chests on the northern beach, and the north-west part of the island, and a Common Chest below the left pillar when your character face the sundial. When you open these chests, you also get Primogems, Mora, and many materials.

Those are all steps and tips for Time and Wind Genshin Impact. Complete this quest quickly and explore a new island in Mondstadt.

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