Souvenir shop Genshin Impact sells many necessities for players. Each city has a unique souvenir shop with different items and currencies. Check out this souvenir shop Genshin Impact guide to know where to find the shop in each country and what you can buy from these shops.

I. With Wind Comes Glory

There are three souvenir shops in Genshin Impact currently. All of them are placed in the main city of three nations. 'With Wind, Comes Glory' is the oldest souvenir shop in Teyvat. Here are things you need to know about it.

With Wind Comes Glory Mondstadt
'With Wind, Comes Glory' is the oldest souvenir shop in Teyvat.

1. Where is the souvenir shop in Mondstadt?

With Wind Comes Glory - the souvenir shop Genshin Impact Mondstadt is located at the location of Marjorie in the City of Mondstadt.

The NPC always stands in front of her store near the entrance of Mondstadt City. She is on the opposite side of the Adventure Guild. It's very easy to find With Wind Comes Glory shop when you enter the City of Mondstadt. It's marked by a diamond icon on the mini-map.

With Wind Comes Glory
With Wind Comes Glory souvenir shop in Mondstadt.

2. With Wind Comes Glory's menu

To buy items from the souvenir shop 'With Wind Comes Glory' in Mondstadt, players need to use Anemo Sigils. This 3-star currency can be obtained from upgrading the Statue of The Seven in Mondstadt. Besides, players will collect some Anemo Sigils when opening chests in this country. In addition, you should investigate rock clusters when climbing mountains in Mondstadt to get some Sigils.

Here is the price list of items in Mondstadt's souvenir shop.

With Wind Comes Glory Price List
With Wind Comes Glory price list.

II. Mingxing Jewelry

The souvenir shop in Liyue is named Mingxing Jewelry. It's opened after the nation of Geo Archon was unlocked. Check out the location and menu of this shop here.

1. Where is Genshin Impact Liyue souvenir shop?

Mingxing Jewelry is located in the south of the teleport waypoint in Liyue Harbor. Xingxi is the manager of the shop. It's also marked by a diamond symbol on the minimap.

According to the introduction, the shop has a lot of gems that shone like stars in the night sky during its prime period.

Mingxing Jewelry
Mingxing Jewelry shop in Liyue.

2. Menu of Mingxing Jewelry

To purchase items at Mingxing Jewelry souvenir shop in Liyue, Genshin Impact players have to use Geo Sigils. The ways on how to get souvenir shop money in Liyue are similar to those in Mondstadt. In specific, you can get Geo Sigil from upgrading Statues of Seven in Liyue, open chests in this nation, and investigate rock clusters in mountainous areas.

Here are all items and their prices at the souvenir shop Genshin Impact in Liyue.

Mingxing Jewelry Menu
Menu of Mingxing Jewelry.

You can use these items for character ascension, weapon enhancement, and forging weapons. Besides, you can exchange Anemo and Geo Sigils for Mora in both Mingxing Jewelry and With Wind Comes Glory.

III. Netsuke no Gen Crafts

Like Liyue and Mondstadt, Inazuma also has a souvenir shop. Let's see where to find this shop and how to unlock the souvenir shop in Inazuma here.

1. Where is the souvenir shop in Inazuma?

The souvenir shop in Inazuma is named Netsuke no Gen Crafts. It's run by the NPC Mikoshi Genichirou.

Netsuke no Gen Crafts is also located in the City of Inazuma. You can find its locations by the diamond icon on the minimap. It's near a small bridge connecting the market street and the Palace of the Raiden Shogun.

Netsuke No Gen Crafts
Netsuke no Gen Crafts souvenir shop in Inazuma.

2. Inazuma souvenir shop unlock

The souvenir shop in Inazuma is still locked. It's because Inazuma still has a lot of barriers and secrets that players haven't explored. Therefore, the shop owner still closes it to fill the stock.

Genshin Impact players can collect Electro Sigils from chests, Statue of The Seven rewards, and rock clusters around the country to go shopping when it's opened. Now, players can use these Electro Sigils at Sacred Sakura Tree.

Electro Sigil
Use Electro Sigils at Sacred Sakura Tree to obtain a lot of rewards.

IV. Will souvenir shop Genshin Impact reset?

Genshin Impact souvenir shop won't reset. Therefore, there is no tip on how to reset souvenir shop Genshin Impact.

In addition, Liyue souvenir shop restock is impossible. The game developers limit the number of items you can buy from these souvenir shops in Genshin Impact. When you reach the limit of stock, you need to find other ways to farm the wanted items, such as defeating bosses or clearing domains.

Souvenir Shop Genshin Impact
The souvenir shops in Genshin Impact won't be restocked.

Those are all things you need to know about souvenir shop Genshin Impact. Try to collect as many sigils as possible to buy necessary items from these NPCs.

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