Scattered in the world of Genshin Impact are hidden secrets and quests that offer players special loot and Heart Island is under the same category.

Apart from completing world quests, fighting bosses like La Signora or Baal, or gathering materials to make food recipes, you should also make a detour to the little Heart Island Genshin Impact to grab some rewards.

Genshin Impact Heart Island
How can we get to this Heart Island?

Heart Island Genshin Impact overview

So, what is the big deal about this Heart Shaped Island Genshin Impact that makes many players search for it? See how it works, where it is located and what kind of reward that it holds.

1. Genshin Impact's Secret Island

Heart Island is one of many secrets in Genshin Impact. Those who can reach the island and activate the secret mechanism can get an achievement and a Luxurious Chest as rewards.

Heart Island Genshin
This is one of the secret islands in Genshin Impact.

2. A Journey with a Friend

Unless you want to go there for a vacation, the one thing you need to do to reap the rewards is bring a friend with you. Players cannot open the secret treasure and achievement on Genshin Impact Heart Island without a company.

To find your Co-Op buddies, you can use the in-game Friend Request Board or the Co-Op Board.

3. Where is Heart Island in Genshin Impact?

The Heart Island location is in Liyue. You can find it to the far north of the Guyun Stone Forest or the far east of Yaoguang Shoal.

Heart Island Location
You can get to the island either from Yaoguang Shoal or Guyun Stone Forest.

How to get to Heart Island

The journey to the Heart Shaped island Genshin Impact is not an easy adventure. You cannot reach the island by swimming alone. Instead, there are two alternatives to help you avoid losing life aimlessly and head to this far-off destination:

  • From Guyun Stone Forest: Using Anemo Current on a pinwheel
  • From Yaoguang Shoal: Crossing the ocean by making an ice bridge

Option #1: Use Anemo Current in Guyun Stone Forest

Recommended characters: Venti, Amber, Wanderer

Both of these Heart Island characters have passive abilities that decrease gliding stamina consumption by 20 percent. This is very useful in flying to Heart Island.

Heart Island gliding guide

  • Teleport to the Guyun Stone Forest and go to the marked location.
  • Trigger the air current by using the Anemo element on the clover pinwheel.
Trigger Current
Use Anemo on the pinwheel behind the Geo Hypostasis to make a gust of wind propel you towards the Island.
  • Ride upwards until the character has reached the highest point that the air current can go.
  • Glide in the direction of Heart Island. If your stamina runs out, eat a dish that restores stamina like Barbatos Ratatouille or Zhongyuan Chop Suey which give you a big final buff.
Glide To Heart Island
Step into the heart with your friend once you have arrived.

Option #2: Make an ice bridge from Yaoguang Shoal

Recommended characters: Kaeya, Ayaka

Not every Cryo character can make ice bridges efficiently. Kaeya is the best choice for Heart Island Genshin Impact as he has long-lasting ice formations and his Elemental Skill has quick CD.

In case you are having a friend to help you, Ayaka can also be a good choice.

Heart Island ice bridge guide

  • Teleport to Yaoguang Shoal, then deploy Kaeya.
  • Use Kaeya’s Elemental Skill to create an ice bridge across the ocean until you reach the island.
  • Step in the heart formation’s middle with your friend.
  • Open the chest and get rewards.
Use Kaeya To Make Ice Bridge
Cross the ocean with a Cryo character.

How to unlock chest in Genshin Heart Island

In fact, simply stepping into the heart on the ground does not immediately grant players the rewards. They must solve a puzzle. Although the puzzle is nothing complicated, it requires one of the most challenging things in the game, finding a friend.

You will have to call for a buddy in the friend list or ask a random Genshin Impact player to come to your world. Step in the heart at the same time and stand opposite each other inside of it.

Heart Island Chest
Both players have to step inside the strange heart.

Moreover, you may need to switch characters as some combinations won’t work. Given time, the Luxurious Chest will show up in the center of the heart formation. Once it opens, you shall receive a high-tier loot and the Unswerving achievement.

A Heart Island Geoculus can also be found on top of the tower ruins there. Don't miss your chance to take it while you're there!

Geoculus On The Ruin Top
There is a Geoculus on top of the ruin, make sure to grab it.

Heart Island Genshin Impact achievement & rewards

1. Heart Island Luxurious Chest rewards

The inside of the Luxurious Chest is not the same for all players. The possible rewards consist of: random artifacts, a Mystic Enhancement Ore, a specific amount of Mora, and an (at least) 3-star weapon.

Players would also receive 6 Geo Sigils and 10 free Primogems for opening a Luxurious sort of chest.

Heart Chest
Rewards for unlocking the hidden island.

2. How to get Unswerving Achievement

Players can obtain the Unswerving achievement after opening the Heart Island chest. Unlocking it will give you 5 Primogems. Just remember to complete the mission on Co-Op mode with a friend.

Heart Island bug fixes

Heart Island Genshin Impact not working is an irritation to players, while Heart Island chest not spawning is the most common issue.

Luxurious Chest sometimes does not appear even though you have stood in the formation with a buddy. Make sure you have been standing in it for 1 minute at least before trying these bug fixes.

Although fixes have worked for multiple players, it is not guaranteed that they will work in all situations.

1. Kick the friend out of your world

In case the Chest does not display after you run and jump inside the heart, try kicking your friend out of your world. In some cases, it will then appear in the heart shape.

Bug Fix
Get another friend if Heart Island Genshin Impact not working.

2. Invite another friend to join on Heart Island

Inviting a third friend to your world while standing inside the heart formation might trigger the Luxurious Chest!

The second method to fix this bug is to invite the third buddy to your world and stand inside the heart with you and the earlier friend. This might trigger the Luxurious Chest by then!

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