The city of Liyue in Genshin Impact is full of quests and one of them is the Land Amidst Monoliths in Act I. It will take players to Liyue to get the Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact.

In order to find Cloud Retainer, players have to go through a series of quests and puzzles, which many players find difficult to solve. So in this article, we will show you every step to do so.

1. What is Cloud Retainer in Genshin Impact?

The Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact is an NPC and a part of the Archon Quests in Act 1. In Genshin Impact, the Cloud Retainer takes the form of a white crane with blue, gold, and black plumage. She is an old ally of Morax and a friend of Guizhong when he was still alive. Retainer and Guizhong are both interested in mechanics.

She speaks in a formal, mannered fashion. But if you notice carefully, you will find her true feeling in the words.

Cloud Retainer
The Cloud Retainer looks like a white crane with blue, gold, and black plumage.

2. Where is Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact?

The Cloud Retainer can be found on Mt. Aozang, which is on the North West of Jueyun Karst. Players can reach there quickly using Waypoint. Having Amber at your party would be really helpful because there will be some puzzles that need her precision to solve.

It would be even better if you have Keqing or Venti at your party because they will help you completely skip the puzzles. If you don't have them, no need to worry because these puzzle are no harder than the Puzzle Of The Watatsumi Statue.

On top of Mt. Aozang is a large lake. Players can find everything they need to complete these quest chains around there.

3. Offer up food to Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact

Before you can unlock puzzles, you should know how to offer food to Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact first. Get to the round table in the middle of the lake and find 3 Genshin Impact recipes. The positions of the 3 recipes are marked on the picture below.

Mt Aozang Location Map Genshin Impact Recipes
Here are the locations for the 3 food recipes to offer Cloud Retainer.

Make one of each using these Genshin Impact food recipes, and then offer them on the altar.

  • Matsutake Meat Rolls: You need to cook it using two Raw Meat and two Matsutak or you can buy it from Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn using 1,775 Mora.
  • Mora Meat: You need to cook it using one Raw Meat and one Flour or buying it either from Su Er'niang or Mr. Zhu for 430 Mora.
  • Jewelry Soup: You need to cook it using two Snapdragons, two Tofu, and one Lotus Head. You cannot buy it from anywhere.
Cloud Retainer Food
Offers these 3 dishes to the Cloud Retainer

After obtaining these dishes, place them on the altar and the Cloud Retainer will start speaking:

"One knows not why you have come, though the sincerity of your offering is clear... Hence, you shall be granted an opportunity. Find your way through mine abode, and you shall receive an audience with the adeptus whom you seek."

Once offering up food to Cloud Retainer successfully, players will then have to solve puzzles to get to the Cloud Retainer.

4. How to get to the Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact

Now, as we mentioned earlier, if you have either Keqing or Venti at your party, you can just Skyward Sonnet or Stellar Restoration to get to the center platform. But you don't, you have to go through all the puzzles with Amber.

  • Active the Pyro Monument and use Amber to kill 10 Slimes. You must complete this quest within 2 minutes.
  • Use the control panel on the platform to rotate the next platform clockwise or counterclockwise. Select “Rotate 90 Degrees Counterclockwise to make a connection to the next platform.
Cloud Retainer Rotate
Rotate the other platform to form a bridge connecting the 2 platforms.
  • Kill the hilichurls there and select “Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise” on the control panel to connect to a new platform.
  • Activate the fire pillars by interacting with the cube there. It will then light up 3 fire pillars in a specific order and you have to repeat it using Amber (or another Pyro character). There is a total of 3 rounds with 3 pillars, 4 pillars, and 5 pillars.
Cloud Retainer Puzzles
Activate the fire pillars in the correct order to get through the puzzle.
  • Go back to the previous platform and rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise to reach a new platform.
  • Using the Wind Gust to glide up and face another fire puzzle. In this puzzle, when you shoot a pillar, it will activate/deactivate the pillars next to it. Just hit one deactivated pillar and every other totem until all the pillars are lit.
  • Go to the next platform to trigger a cutscene and meet Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact.
Cloud Retainer Puzzles 1
Activate all the 6 fire pillars in order to complete the puzzle.

In summary, players have to offer food to Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact before solving puzzles to reach her place. Hope the above guidelines are useful to you. We have more Genshin Impact tips on the website, do check out if you want to explore further.

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