Besides fighting bosses, Genshin Impact players are also on the adventure to find a ton of resources for various purposes. Sometimes, the found items in the open world are needed for powerful alchemy recipes and specific materials like Philanemo Mushrooms are essential for character ascensions.

Lotus Head Genshin Impact is yet another item that players will need an abundance of. Check out the best places to find Lotus Head and facts you probably haven’t know about it.

Lotus Heads
Lotus heads in Genshin Impact are used as herbs and cooking ingredients.

Lotus Head Genshin Impact overview

Are Lotus Heads edible? What can we use them for? Here's a breakdown of all the questions.

1. What is Lotus Head in Genshin Impact?

Lotus Head is a small plant in Genshin Impact. Its in-game description says,

“An aquatic plant native to Liyue that grows and blooms in pairs. One is fragrant, and the other bitter. It's said to make a good herbal medicine.”

2. Are lotus heads edible?

In fact, Lotus Heads can be used in cooking, commissions, and Alchemy recipes. Being an edible ascension item, it is included in Hydro potions that enhance the resistance and damage for Hydro characters.

Besides, Lotus Head is also needed to craft the 4-star Jade Parcels that gives a massive crit rate and attack boost to players.

The actual part of lotus that you have to harvest is a small green bulb growing out of the plant’s flowery body. Players also don’t have to rule out any elemental reaction to harvest them. Any character in the team party can grab this item.

Lotus Head
Lotus Heads can be used to boost characters' crit rate, attack, damage...

3. Lotus Head recipes

Players can use Lotus Heads in various Genshin food recipes, including Jade Parcels, Jewelry Soup, Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, Qingce Stir Fry, Streaming Essential Oil, and Desiccant Potion.

  • Jade Parcels: 3 Lotus Head, 2 Cabbage, 2 Jueyun Chili, 1 Ham
  • Jewelry Soup: 1 Lotus Head, 2 Snapdragon, 2 Tofu
  • Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup: 1 Lotus Head, 1 Bird egg, 1 Sugar
  • Qingce Stir Fry: 3 Mushroom, 2 Lotus Head, 1 Cabbage,  1 Jueyun Chili
  • Streaming Essential Oil:  1 Lotus Head, 1 Frog
  • Desiccant Potion: 1 Lotus Head, 1 Butterfly Wing
Lotus Seed And Bird Egg Soup
Players can use this plant for many recipes.

Where to find Lotus Head Genshin Impact

There are several ways to find Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact. From getting them in the open world to purchasing from shops, here are the best places to get Lotus Head as well as all Lotus Head Genshin Impact map you can use.

1. In the wild

  • Luhua Pool

Players can find Lotus Heads in river banks and lakes in the wild, mostly in the region of Liyue. The first Lotus Head Genshin Impact Liyue location is Luhua Pool where you will find lots of them growing on the stepped pools of water. Come back in a couple of days to harvest as they respawn.

Luhua Pool
Luhua Pool is where players can get lotus head in Liyue.
  • Qingce Village

Qingce Village is also cited as the best place to quickly farm Lotus Head. Players can find many of these green bulbs in watery areas.

Qingce Village
Get to Qingce Village to get a ton of Lotus Heads.
  • Huaguang Stone Forest

Plenty of Lotus Head are also located in the waters close to Huaguang Stone Forest. The best part about roaming around this place is that Geovishap Hatchlings also spawn in the area. This makes Huaguang Stone Forest a very useful farm location for various resources.

Huaguang Stone Forest
Huaguang Stone Forest
  • Dunyu Ruins

Finally, don’t miss Dunyu Ruins lake as several Lotus Heads also grow here, along the east said. Players can start from The Statue of Seven which is the nearest waypoint. Easily glide to northeast and collect the items as you want.

Dunyu Ruins
Dunyu Ruins lake

2. From expeditions

For those who aspire to gather the materials by hand instead of using Lotus Head Genshin Impact map, they can grab a great number of lotus heads from expeditions.

In the expedition menu, send a Genshin Impact character on Expeditions to Dunyu Ruins and Guili Plains.

Guili Plains grants from 8 to 12 plants for a 24-hour expedition. You can reduce the time using characters like Keqing or Chongyun.

3. At Bubu Pharmacy

Another method players can use to speed up their process is purchasing Lotus Heads. In Liyue Harbor, head to Bubu Pharmacy which sells Lotus Heads for the cost of 300 Mora each. You can get 10 Lotus Heads in a row.

However, you must wait for the shop to restock them in a few days.

Bubu Pharmacy
Herbalist Gui will sell Lotus Heads to you.

4. At Wanmin Restaurant

Although players do look for Lotus Head Genshin Impact Mondstadt locations, it seems that every spot possible is in Liyue. You can buy some Lotus Heads at Liyue’s Wanmin Restaurant. Each of them costs 270 Mora and one can buy up to 10 each week.

The restaurant also sells ingredients for Crystal Shrimp for those who want to buy.

Find Lotus Head Genshin Impact commission

As mentioned above, Lotus Head is part of a daily commission that helps you obtain a ton of Adventure Rank experience points quite easily. Turning Lotus Head in to the Adventurer’s Guild will also have several rewards associated with it. Therefore, players are recommended to stock up on these items ahead of time.

As any Genshin Impact item, the game will tell you the spots of Lotus Heads along with the recommended region to get an abundance of them.

Apart from this, there are multiple areas that players have found out to have plentiful Lotus Heads. Collecting them now will save a lot of time for you when they do show up as commission requests.

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