Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact is a delicious Recovery food for healing. It's one of the best Liyue's traditional snacks. Check out this guide on how to farm ingredients and cook this 2-star Recovery dish in Genshin Impact here.

Crystal Shrimp Recipe Genshin Impact

Crystal Shrimp dumpling is a special snack in Liyue Genshin Impact. The stuffing from fresh shrimp is wrapped beautifully inside a translucent skin made from glistening rice flour. It's not only beautiful but also delicious with springy and tasty chew. You should try a meal of steamed fish with a side of prawn dumplings at Wanmin Restaurant when visiting Liyue Harbor.

Crystal Shrimp Cooking
Crystal Shrimp dumpling is a special snack in Liyue.

Players can also cook Crystal Shrimp in the kitchen of the restaurant after learning it from Chef Mao's recipe. This dish has three main ingredients, including:

  • Rice x3.
  • Carrot x3.
  • Shrimp meat x3.

You need to cook ten Crystal Shrimp dishes perfectly manually to unlock the auto-cook mode for this dish. You can buy the recipe of this Recovery dish from Wanmin Restaurant of Chef Mao in Liyue Harbor like the Jueyun Chili Chicken recipe at the price of 2500 Mora after reaching the Adventure Rank Level 20.

Perfect Dish
Cook ten perfect dishes to unlock the auto-cook mode.

Crystal Shrimp Ingredients Farming

Crystal Shrimp's ingredients are very easy to farm. You can buy them from shops and get the vegetable in the wild. Check out how to farm ingredients for Crystal Shrimp in Genshin Impact here.

How To Farm Shrimp Genshin Impact

Shrimp meat is the main ingredient of the stuffing. You can buy it in Liyue and Inazuma.

Shrimp Genshin Impact
You need shrimp meat to make the stuffing of this dumpling.

In Liyue, you can only get shrimp from the general goods shop of Dongsheng which is pretty near Chef Mao's Wanmin Restaurant. Dongsheng will sell you 100 Shrimps per day at the price of 120 Mora per shrimp. Sometimes, you can get a discount to buy it at a lower price of 105 Mora for each item. It's similar to Aoi's shop in Inazuma.

Dongsheng Shop
Players can buy this ingredient from Dongsheng's shop in Liyue or Aoi's shop in Inazuma.

Alternatively, Travelers can also buy Shrimp meat, Crabs, and Fish from Uncle Sun in Liuye Harbor. You can find his shop near the ship. It's pretty more expensive than the shrimp at Dongsheng's shop. You can buy only 50 items every day at the price of 150 Mora per item. Obata in Inazuma also sells 50 fresh shrimps per day at the same price.

Uncle Sun
Uncle Sun in Liyue Harbor also sells fresh shrimp meat.

How To Get Rice Genshin Impact

Rice is the main ingredient to make the dumpling skin of Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact. Like shrimp, you cannot farm rice in the wild. It's only sold at the grocery shops of Dongsheng in Liyue and Aoi in Inazuma. You can buy 100 rice packs per day from each shop. Therefore, you can buy 200 packs of rice in Teyvat at maximum.

Rice Genshin Impact
Rice is the main ingredient to make the dumpling skin.

Each rice pack cost 100 Mora. Sometimes, you can buy it at the discounted price of 90 Mora. Rice is the main ingredient for many dishes in Liyue and Inazuma, such as Bird Egg Sushi, Invigorating Kitty Meal, Onigiri, Rice Buns, Tricolor Dango, etc.

Inazuma General Store
Rice is available at Dongsheng's and Aoi's stores.

How To Farm Carrots In Genshin Impact

Carrot is a sweet and crunchy vegetable in Genshin Impact which is very nutritious and healthy. There are four main ways to farm carrots in Genshin Impact.

  • Farm carrots in the wild: Carrots often grow in the wild throughout Teyvat. You can pick up a lot of carrots while traversing the map. It often grows in many houses' gardens. Therefore, you should visit some villages in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.
  • Buy carrots at Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor. Chef Mao in Liyue will sell you 10 carrots per 3 days at the price of 230 Mora per item.
  • Get carrot from expeditions. You can get 1-12 carrots per 4-20 hours from expeditions. Send two characters to Wolvendom in Mondstadt and Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue to farm this vegetable every day.
  • Grow carrot in the Serenitea Pot world. You need to buy some plots of Path of Value: Jade Field and some carrot seeds to plant this vegetable and harvest them when they are fully mature.

After collecting enough ingredients, let's go to some kitchens to cook perfect dishes of Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact. This food is very useful and effective in healing characters.

Effect Of Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact

Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact is a Recovery food that helps players heal 18 - 22% of the maximum HP for the selected character. Moreover, it regenerates 300 - 470 HP for that character every 5 seconds in the next 30 seconds. Only consume it when your character's HP is lower than 50%. If your character is full, he/she cannot take any other bite.

Crystal Shrimp
Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact helps players heal 18 - 22% of the maximum HP.

Those are all you need to cook Crystal Shrimp Genshin Impact. This Recovery food is easier to cook and more effective in healing than some 3-star dishes.

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