The Chi of Yore is one of many side quests in Genshin Impact that offers generous rewards as achievements. For the unknown, this quest used to be the Chi of Guyun. It was changed to Chi of Yora in the 1.6 update. Players who have completed to original version do not need to do it again.

Now let’s stop beating around the bush and get into all the steps to complete the Chi of Yore Genshin Impact quest.

How to complete the Chi of Yore Genshin Impact

First off, to start the side quest, players must head towards the ruins in the south of Wuwang Hill in Liyue. Once having arrived there, Travelers will meet an NPC named Yan’er who is near the Teleport Waypoint of the region.

Talker to Yan'er to start the quest.

Now follow these steps to get the quest Chi of Yore completed.

1. Investigate the ruin

After talking to Yan’er, go to the location on the map and interact with the fragment that a Ruin Hunter is guarding.

Investigate The Ruin
Interact with this ruin.

Defeat him and head to the 3 statues across the marked area. All of them are located around the orange Gigantic Amber rocks. Interact with them and move on to the next step.

Find Three Statues
Find the 3 statues near the Gigantic Amber rocks.

2. Ask the locals of Qingce Village about the fragments

Head to Qingce Village by going to the Wuwang Hill’s northwest, hence get more information regarding the fragments from the village’s elder, Granny Ruoxin.

Talk To Granny
Granny Ruoxin will ask you to do the quest.

3. Search for the fragment near Geo statues

After talking to Granny Ruoxin, go to the two remaining fragments. You will be able to find them easily as they are both near the village. You need to complete a quick puzzle to unlock the fragment. Follow the order below to interact with the statues.

Fragment 2
Follow this order and interact with all of them.

4. Decipher the fragments

This is the main step in completing the Chi of Yore Genshin Impact quest.

Find the third and also the last fragment by heading to the highest area of the Qingce Village. It is at the village’s southeast and Wuwang’s north. You can reach the place faster by using the teleport waypoint at the village, then heading to where the cursor is placed.

In order to unlock the last fragment, Travelers also need to complete a statue-related puzzle. Follow this order to interact with the fragment and go meet Granny Ruoxin one more time.

Fragment 3
The last puzzle

5. Find a way into the Vault and find the Treasure

After the second meeting with the elder, go towards the Vault under a waterfall in the north of Qingce Village.

Once there, players must use the three fragments to open the gate. When you go inside, remember to check your weapons and team party to fight some Ruin Guards, Treasure Hoarders, and a Ruin Hunter.

Inside The Vault
Defeat the enemies in the vault and you'll finish the quest.

6. Report to granny

In the last step of the quest, return to the village and report to Granny. You will then have completed the side quest and be able to get more rewards. The Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi has also been unlocked here.

The rewards include one Shrine of Depths Key, Primogems, and more.

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