Anniversary events are often expected to be a huge and generous giveaway of exclusive rewards. However, when Genshin Impact reached its 1-year anniversary, millions of fans around the world seem unhappy with the event.

There has been an outcry regarding the way miHoYo handled their best-selling game and players have bombarded the game review on Google Play Store in response.

With the stacking outrage in the community and social media concerning Genshin Impact 1 year anniversary, the devs may need more than minor changes to put a stop to this movement.

Genshin Impact Anniversary Details
There has been serious outrage among fans following the Genshin Impact 1 year anniversary.

Genshin Impact rating is fluctuating

The rating of Genshin Impact was around 4.6 before the anniversary and it has recently dropped to a surprising 1.6 though now revived to a humble 2.1 star. It seems to be decreasing even more as fans have not stopped expressing their disappointment by bringing the score down.

A large part of the game community has joined hands and began reviewing bombing Genshin Impact. There are not only low scores but also negative words regarding how the system failed players. The reasons are due to the poor rewards from the Genshin Impact 1 year anniversary event as well as the picked raffle system for the virtual anniversary prizes.

Genshin Anniversary 2
Many are clearly disappointed in how the developers handle the important event.
Genshin Anniversary 3
1* ratings are dominating the chart.
Genshin Anniversary 4
Only 10% of players get the best rewards possible.
Genshin Anniversary 5
Negative Genshin Impact memes are flooding social media.

A lot of upset fans are sharing their opinions on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, saying they have denounced the game due to its humble anniversary rewards.

With just 10 percent of users obtaining the best possible rewards, many are furious by what they think is a stingy decision from miHoYo – the parent company of the game. Following the lack of an official announcement from Genshin Impact, they are trying to force a change themselves.

Genshin Meme
Some memes about the current situation are arising but they cannot help ease the current tension.

Will Genshin Impact do anything after this?

As of now, it remains unclear whether the Genshin Impact team will eventually respond to the fanbase, add more rewards, or explain their choices at the moment. However, at the time of writing, its rating is 2.1. It is unknown if fans will keep on with their movement.

The number can change anytime and it depends on whether or not the devs will actively react to this situation.

Genshin Impact 2 2 Release Date
The game company may need to act soon before the situation worsens.

The game’s status as one of the best-reviewed Gacha game titles on Google Play has certainly reached an end. Even Genshin Impact memes or the ongoing Moonlight Merriment event can barely ease the bitterness of fans right now.

The game may never regain its fanbase or crown until the fan community is satisfied.

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