In the new Moonlight Merriment event of Genshin Impact, gamers can join a series of cooking challenges and quests in Liyue.

After completing the long introductory quest of the event named "One For The Foodies, Two For The Show," you will unlock the initial quest in the Cusine Machine Test Run section. In the “Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course: Part 1" quest, players are assigned to help the Cloud Retainer to get a missing item for the Supreme Cuisine Machine.

Meanwhile, some players may need to repeat the “following Aura Trail” part several times before eventually completing the task. Here’s a guide to help you nail the mission.

Contraption Contrived Cooking Course Part 1
How to follow Aura Trail Genshin Impact and find the lost ingredients.

How to follow Aura Trail Genshin Impact

Helping the Cloud Retainer is among the many missions this event offers besides finding Mystmoon chest locations and many more. Head to the Mt. Aozang waypoint and glide down to the quest marker to find the Cloud Retainer first. It will be there next to a big cooking device.

After a quick talk to the Cloud Retainer, you will have to get the missing Bamboo Shoots that are needed for the recipe. Follow the Aura Trail emerging from the Supreme Cuisine Machine to find this ingredient.

Though the aura is not too noticeable, you will actually see the white guts emanating from the cooking device’s center pot.

  • To follow the Aura Trail, begin by jumping off the west-orienting cliff and glide in the upright wind tunnel.
Big Rock Formation
Glide around the rock to find the plateau.
  • From this wind tunnel, follow the path northwest surrounding the big rock.
  • On the other side of this rock formation, you shall see an aura path leading to a small plateau with several Anemo slimes.
You will see a plateau with Anemo Slimes down there.
  • Quickly dispatch the group of Anemo Slimes to get the Bamboo shoots.
Defeat Slimes
Use bow and sword to knock them down and get the Bamboo shoots.

Remember that once you land on this plateau, the slimes will try to fly away almost immediately. This is when using ranged characters (Amber, Sara, Yoimiya) will come in handy to shoot the slimes off.

Otherwise, you can also use a sword-user (Kazuha, Chongyun) and strike from mid-air as you land.

Once you have managed to shoot the Anemo slimes, you will get the Bamboo shoots automatically and can return to the Cloud Retainer’s location to hand in the ingredient.

Follow Aura Trail And Find Ingredient Help Cloud R
Return to the Cloud Retainer to submit the ingredient.

Complete the dish with Cloud Retainer

After knowing how to follow Aura Trail Genshin Impact, you need to cook the food with the Supreme Cuisine Machine. Upon starting the minigame, you will notice three pots in front with a meter atop each of them.

The objective for this minigame is to keep a stable cooking temperature by maintaining the white marker within the yellow part of each meter in the pots. The white meter gradually shifts to the left side as the dishes are being cooked.

Keep 3 Pots On Normal Temparature
Keep the three pots at normal temperature.

In order not to make the dish cool, put the flame under the pot to warm it up. Also, make sure not to place the flame under there too long so that the dish will not overcook.

Just maintain the appropriate temperature on the pots until the time is up. Once it has expired, you will receive 30 Primogems, a recipe for Oncidium Tofu, and 2 Heroes Wit for completing the quest.

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