Genshin Impact currently released the Moonlight Merriment event with more rewards than only 420 Primogems as usual. In this event, you will keep Xiangling and Keqing company for an investigation concerning a Stove God. The primary attraction here, however, is that it includes a special treasure hunt.

Players will look for Mystmoon Chest and Moonchase Charms at the marked areas on the map. Each Mystmoon Chest will grant 5 Primogems along with Mora, artifacts, Hero's Wit, ascension materials, and more. You have 40 chests in total to collect. Take a look at all Mystmoon chest location list here.

Moonlight Seeker
Moonlight Seeker is part of the ongoing Moonlight Merriment event.

All Mystmoon chests locations in Genshin Impact

On the Moonlight Merriment event’s 1st day, players can locate 40 Mystmoon chests in the Natianmen region, Liyue.

The treasure hunting Moonlight Seeker includes three stages. The first phase is the Path of Stalwart Stone which is home to every Moonchase Charm and Mystmoon Chest.

The other two phases are Path of Gentle Breezes and Path of Austere Frost. They will be unlocked in a few days more.

Moonlight Merriment
Find all Mystmoon Chests to collect the generous amount of rewards.

1. Huaguang Stone Forest

As there are many Mystmoon Chests scattered across Genshin Impact, it is a good idea to divide the region into different segments so that you can entirely focus on each location without missing any chest.

The first Mystmoon chest location is Huaguang Stone Forest. There are 14 chests in this area.

While some are placed on the hilltop, others stay on the ground. Take notice that a few of them may be sealed and you have to beat spawned opponents to unlock the chests.

All Mystmoon Chest Locations
Make sure to travel not only on the ground but also on the top of the hill.

2. Qingyun Peak

The second location of Mystmoon Chests is close to Qingyun Peak. You can find 15 chests here and most of them are near the water.

Players can use shield characters like Zhongli, Noelle so that the foes cannot trigger elemental reactions when they are in wet status.

Mystmoon Chest Location
Mystmoon Chest Location map that helps you keep up with the process.

3. North of Nantianmen

The last Mystmoon Chest location is near Nantianmen. The last 11 chests are divides across the region.

You have to clear the opponents around the chests first to unseal them and get the rewards.

All Mystmoon Chest Location Nantianmen
Do not let enemies use elemental reactions as you are wet.

Tips: Apart from using the Interactive map, players can also ask Linyang for the locations of Mystmoon Chests. You can find her southeast of Waypoint in Liyue Harbor.

However, she won’t tell every location and will only show the few charms and chests you have not been able to collect. Moreover, you can only ask her once a day, so making requests for her should be the last resort.

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