Kamisato Ayato Genshin Impact is the elder brother of the young lady Kamizato Ayaka. He hasn't been confirmed yet but you can learn about him from some leaks. Check out everything we have known about this character in this Ayato Genshin Impact leak.

1. Who Is Ayato Genshin Impact?

Kamisato Ayato is one of the rumored upcoming Inazuma characters Genshin Impact. He is the elder brother of the young lady Ayaka from the Kamisato family. After their parents passed away, both Ayato and Ayaka know they are in charge of managing and developing their Clan. While Ayato deals with government duties, his sister - Ayaka is responsible for running the Kamisato Clan.

Kamisato Ayato
Ayato is the elder brother of Ayaka and the leader of the Kamisato Clan.

2. Ayato Genshin Impact Element & Details

Ayato is rumored to be a Hydro character. Besides, his rumored weapon is a polearm and sword. Base on these rumors, players can predict Ayato's roles. Besides, there are some leaked details about his elemental skills and bursts.

  • Ayato's Role

Nobumori at the Teahouse comments that Ayato is very skillful when using his sword and polearm. Ayato can co-operate with his sister Ayaka who has a Cryo Vision to freeze enemies with Frozen Reaction. With the polearm, Ayato also takes close-range combat like his younger sister. If he is released in the upcoming time, Ayato can be one of the best teammates for the character Kamisato Ayaka. You will have more options for Ayaka's team build.

Nobumori At The Teahouse
Nobumori at the Teahouse comments that Ayato is very skillful when using polearms.
  • Elemental Skills & Bursts

According to some leaks, Ayato's stance can be changed when he uses his elemental skills while causing elemental damage to enemies. Besides, this character can summon a vortex to pull enemies and gather them in it. Moreover, his elemental burst can help apply the Hydro element on a larger scale. It can work similarly to the elemental burst of his sister.

Ayato Role
Ayato can be a Hydro player who can co-operate with Ayaka in melee combat to freeze enemies.
  • Ayato's Relationships & Images

Ayato is the elder brother of Ayaka. Besides, he is the leader of the Kamisato Clan. Kamisato Ayaka is also a close friend of Thoma. From NPCs and other characters' voices, Kamisato Ayato is a workaholic and mischievous guy. He made Thoma eat some questionable food and brought Thoma many experiences that seem to be more frightening than enjoyable.

Ayaka Talked About Her Brother
Ayaka revealed that her brother is a workaholic man and she always tries to share the heavy workload with him.

However, Ayato is still a reliable young man who maintained the Kamisato clan as one of the most distinguished clans in Inazuma, as reported by the Raiden Shogun. He is also loyal to the government of this country despite his trickery in the Tri-Commission's affairs. Therefore, Baal still excuses his misdeeds in the past.

Ayato Is A Close Friend Of Thoma
Ayato is a close friend of Thoma but the Kamisato Clan's leader often plays tricks to troll his friend.

Besides, the young leader of the Kamisato Clan is also a kind man. He is also willing to help and save people in need. For example, he did a favor to Hirotatsu who is a guard in the Kamisato Estate. This man always wishes to repay the kindness of the gentle commissioner in Genshin Impact. The picture of a kind, gentle, but pretty mischievous man is gradually completed via NPC and playable characters' voices.

Ayato And Ayaka
The young leader of the Kamisato Clan is also a kind man.

3. Rumored Release Date Of Ayato

Kamisato Ayato may come to the game in the upcoming update 2.2 in the second week of October or the first week of November. Kamisato Ayaka, the Raiden Shogun, and Sayu also mentioned Ayato in their voice scenes. He also appeared in the storyline of Ayaka. He is working as Yashiro Commissioner, so he does not often appear in public.

Sayu And Ayaka
Sayu and Ayaka talked about Ayato.

4. Common Q&A About Ayato Genshin Impact

As the character Ayato in Genshin Impact hasn't been confirmed, the gamer community has many questions about this character. Check them out and find the answers here.

  • Is Ayato older than Ayaka?

Ayato is the elder brother of Ayaka. Therefore, he is older than her. Obviously, they are not twins like Aether and Lumine.

  • Will Ayato be playable Genshin Impact?

This information hasn't been confirmed yet. But you can expect to see him in the next update 2.2 when further land or stories of Inazuma is revealed.

Those are all leaks, questions, and answers about Ayato Gesnhin Impact. He is likely an upcoming character in the following update 2.2 in late October or early November.

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